John Kerry Caught Lying About Iran Deal on Live TV

We have him lying through his teeth!
John Kerry
Photo via Face the Nation YouTube Video Screenshot

John Kerry was one of the key players in the Iran Deal that President Trump withdrew from.


Now, after the deal has been attacked ferociously by the Trump administration, Kerry is trying to provide some pushback, but he ended up crossing himself up and getting caught in a massive lie.

Defending His Deal

Kerry recently appeared on “Face the Nation” to discuss recent tensions between Iran and the United States as well as the attacks Trump has made against the nuclear deal signed during the Obama administration.

When Trump stated that Iran used the money from the deal to finance these attacks, Kerry disagreed.

The former Secretary of State said, “They didn’t get $150 billion. No-no-no. But let me just finish. You know- yes. And I’ll- I’ll answer that.

“I was saying clearly some money from the budget of Iran is going to go to the IRGC. It always has. That’s no surprise. But the truth is and President Trump- I- I- well, he probably doesn’t know this, but the fact is his own defense intelligence agency in 2017 testified to the Congress that very, very little money actually went to the IRGC at all.

“Most of the money went to the economy of Iran, which is precisely what I said and what we all said. So, the IRGC has never had a problem getting money.

“But the fact is Donald Trump keeps saying they got $150 billion. A lie. He keeps saying that all of that money went to pay for it. It did not.”

The problem for Kerry, though, is that even he admitted when the deal was initially done that the IRGC was going to get its hands on this money…

Furthermore, recent reports have been published in various mainstream media outlets stating that very little if any of the money the Obama administration delivered on pallets or that was freed up in the deal ever made its way to the Iranian economy.

The only leg Kerry has to stand on here is in the actual amount of money that Iran received.


Of the $150 billion mentioned above, roughly half of that is believed to have been freed up and released to Iran.

Even Kerry, however, cannot deny the almost $2 billion that was sent to Iran in cash in a very shady overnight arrangement (which was all caught on video).

Kerry will continue to spew these lies, though, simply because he has to.

He needs Biden to win to quash all the possible investigations into Hunter Biden because if Hunter goes down, so does Kerry’s stepson (a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s).

We have Kerry dead to rights on this one, though, as his own words prove he is just another corrupt member of the D.C. Swamp.

  1. John Kerry was a worthless SOB when he was kicked out of the Navy. I have no idea why anyone would have him around for anything or believe even a single thing that he has to say. There is nothing honorable or truthful about John Kerry. He is scum.

  2. John Kerry only lies when his mouths falls open. Except for when he puts pen to paper or finger tips to keys. Or when he dreams.

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