Key Debate Take Aways You Won’t Hear From the Networks


As usual, liberals and progressives watch the same scene and see two entirely different things. Here are the key take aways from this season’s first head to head presidential debate, which you won’t be hearing on the network news channels. For instance, liberals are freaking out after President Trump issued an order for the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” Trump won’t go along with “thousands of ballots being manipulated” for a single second. After all, Joe Biden wouldn’t even agree not to try to “pack the court” with extra justices when asked about it point blank, and could barely choke out the words “law and order” when Trump dared him to.

Trump ruled the debate stage

The biggest thing which both sides clearly noticed, is that President Donald Trump was firmly in charge of the debate the entire time. He refused to allow the biased moderator to box him in with trick questions or cut off his responses when his opponent spoke misleadingly. Biden did the same. Rather, he tried to. Creepy Joe didn’t seem to have enough spine to be able to fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

During the 90-minute showdown, Biden couldn’t come up with responsive answers beyond the canned responses his minions cooked up for him. He was in his comfort zone only when allowed to look the camera straight in the lens and deliver as much as he could remember of what they taught him to say. In any of the freewheeling free-for all debate pressed by an antagonistic President Trump, Biden was on the defensive and fought to get a word in edge wise. Every time he did manage to make a statement, Trump used it as a weapon against him.

Moderator Chris Wallace was obviously unable to maintain order because President Trump simply ignored his whining and spoke his mind. When Wallace tried to interject his own defense of liberal dogma, since Biden wasn’t doing it, Trump simply said, “okay, I’ll debate you too.” The best Biden could come up with was name calling. We all know that liberals are all convinced that President Donald Trump is a “clown,” a “racist” and “the worst president America has ever had.” His deplorable supporters still love him anyway.

Stand back and stand by

President Trump’s message for so called “White Supremacists” (which is what liberals call conservatives,) Second Amendment supporting militia members, and patriot groups like the Proud Boys, is to “stand back and stand by.” Get ready to boogie. “If I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can’t go along with that.” As usual, the progressives saw what happened at last night’s debate a lot differently than conservatives do. “I’m encouraging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully.” Biden also repeatedly ignored Trump’s questions about why the wife of Vladimir Putin gave Hunter Biden $3 million dollars or what cocaine addicted Hunter did at Burisma for all the money they paid him, other than being the son of the Vice President.

CNN is outraged that “Trump made little effort to reach out to voters who do not currently support him.” They can kiss his backside. That prompted Biden to note, “this is a President who has used everything as a dog whistle to try to generate racist hatred, racist division.” President Trump threw it right back in his face, focusing on the riots, the looting, the fires, the shootings, and the murders stemming from the allegedly “peaceful” demonstrations. A high point of the debate came when President Trump warned Biden, that simply saying the words “law and order” would “lose all his Bernie supporters. He already promised them that he would defund the police.” Biden says the violence is wrong but has no interest whatsoever in stopping it. He got really confused over the Green New Deal too. He clearly says that he won’t back AOC’s scheme in favor of his own scaled back version that won’t work either, but costs less.

When President Donald Trump declared that “America’s suburbs would be ‘gone’ if Biden is elected,” The best debate response Joe could come up with was “He wouldn’t know a suburb unless he took a wrong turn. This is not 1950 and Trump’s dog whistles don’t work anymore.” Trump proved him wrong by spelling out the Democrats official platform to urbanize the suburbs, stop zoning for single family homes, and eliminate private vehicles.

The Wuhan Flu debate

Joe Biden tried, but not very effectively to raise the standard liberal arguments attacking President Trump for his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic but Trump was ready at every turn, with facts and figures to disprove the Democrat talking points. CNN notes “the debate devolved into arguments and bickering that ultimately did not center on the global pandemic.”

The thing about the debate that alarmed Democrats the most was when President Trump declared that the only reason why we won’t have a vaccine for Covid-19 by the end of the year is because the process is so “political.” At least two major drug manufacturers are on the verge of producing a vaccine but Democrats don’t want it out there yet.

As for the issue of replacing Notorious RBG on the Supreme Court, President Trump is president for a full 4 years, not just 3, and the senate is controlled by the Republican party so tough luck to the Democrats, Trump told the debate audience. Since they can’t stop him from naming Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trump accused Biden of planning to “pack the court” with extra justices until they can restore a liberal balance. Biden wouldn’t deny it. “Why wouldn’t you answer that question?” Trump asked repeatedly.

  1. The reason is that Joe is beholden to the psycho part of the left. He is playing games with the American people trying to make them believe he is a centrist but that shipped sailed when he was V.P.
    After all the reason we are in this upheaval is because Barack O’bama was bent on forever changing our country. O’bama and Biden stoked the flames of racial hatred that were virtually non-existant when they took office.

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