Legendary Actor Destroys Meghan Markle and Prince Harry With 1 Meme

Meghan Markle
meghan markle

Legendary actor James Woods is definitely a person who isn’t afraid to tell you exactly how it is and what he thinks, especially when it comes to celebrity couple Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Woods, very clearly, is not a fan and he hasn’t held back anytime he’s sounded off on the couple in a big way.

It’s no secret that Oscar-nominated actor James Woods is an avid poster on his Twitter account, which has millions of followers. His posts often get a lot of attention and this was certainly the case when he addressed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Woods posted a meme which showed John Lennon and Yoko Ono waiting for a maid to make their bed while they were protesting against the system in 1969. The meme was accompanied by the words “Meghan and Harry. Fixed it for you” implying that Meghan is like Yoko Ono, influencing Harry to step down as a royal along with moving them to California; thus causing disruption in the British Royal Family.

This post caused quite a stir amongst followers who felt that Woods was mocking Meghan and Harry for their activism as well as their wealth due to them taking private jets despite lecturing people on reducing their carbon footprint.

When it was reported that they were looking into buying an expensive waterfront mansion in California, Woods commented “If you’re going to spend your life being a purse holder, might as well have a water view”.

Here once again he implied that Meghan wears the pants in the family – something which has been echoed by other celebrities such as Piers Morgan who said “Harry and Meghan have become the royal Kardashians”.

Rumors emerged recently of Meghan potentially running for president – something which stirred up even more attention from fellow celebrities such as Joe Biden’s sister who invited her to join the Democratic Party.

James Woods weighed in on this rumor with “Why ruin one country when you can ruin two? #Doubleheader” – seemingly mocking her political aspirations while also questioning whether she has enough experience running campaigns or signing paychecks instead of just collecting them from acting roles.

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