House Fire Led to Massive Marijuana Bust


According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, a massive marijuana grow operation was discovered when “a fire broke out at a home near Buffalo Drive and Peace Way.” It seems the grower got greedy and cut corners, hoping to reap bigger profits. Now, he’ll have some time to spend quietly in a cell and reflect on where he made his mistakes.

Rigged marijuana farm house

If you’re going to play Mr. Green Jeans and corner the cannabis market, skimping on electrical work can be seriously counterproductive. Converting your home into a “HUGE residential marijuana grow operation,” requires cartel levels of up front cash to spend on equipment and power supplies.

Amateurs are advised to scale down the operation or move it outdoors. When done properly, in someplace sunny like Las Vegas, outdoor bud comes out bigger and better than hydro, anyway.

Harvest time would have been sweet, when these 812 marijuana plants reached maturity. Too bad they went up in flames early, along with the residential home they were growing in.

The plants were found “along with rigged electrical work, modified gas lines, lighting and fertilizer” on Sunday, February 6. The grower wasn’t there at the time so LVMPD notes that “narcotics detectives are following up on leads and those responsible are being sought.

Firefighters chuckled that “it didn’t take long to figure out” what started the whole thing. The greens weighed in at more than 300 pounds of pot.

Marijuana may be legal in a lot more places but “this kind of situation is very dangerous and poses a major fire hazard for the home and neighbors.

A noise like firecrackers

Melinda Litherland was the first to notice the marijuana fire and call it in. She “heard noise like firecrackers.” She “came outside and saw sparks and flames at the bottom of the electrical box, and I saw smoke going up.

There was “flames and the smoke was going up almost to the roof of the house.” The flames weren’t all that area residents noticed. “Another neighbor said that they smelled weed but never expected such a massive growth operation.

This is the third marijuana grow house to get busted this year alone in the Las Vegas area. Another neighbor, Zachary Salzman, tells the press he’s “surprised something like this would take place at that house, because he hardly sees anyone around the property.


Maybe, he adds, “we saw one person come every so often, but it was really quiet, and we thought no one ever lived there.” Only Maryjane and her sisters.

Salzman figures he’s solved the local mystery. “We do have ring cameras though and every so often, my dad looks and sees a ton of cars going up and down our street so this may be a part of the reason why.

The marijuana fire luckily “did not spread to any surrounding homes and was contained quickly Sunday morning. No injuries were reported, and narcotics detectives are following up on leads.

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