Taliban Came to Murder Young Girl’s Family, Then She Blasted Them Away With an AK-47


ICYMI: In a country continuously in turmoil, a young Afghan girl used an AK-47 to attempt to protect her parents from being killed by the Taliban.

Taliban Gets Owned by Brave Girl

Qamar Gul killed two Taliban terrorists and injured several others when her parents were taken due to their support of the government.

When her parents were taken from the house in the central province of Ghor, she came out with the weapon and opened fired, the Daily Mail reports.

Unfortunately, despite her heroic effort, her mother and father were killed local police chief Habiburahman Malekzada relayed.

“Qamar Gul, who was inside the house, took an AK-47 gun the family had and first shot dead the two Taliban fighters who killed her parents, and then injured a few others,” he said.

Afghan People Fight Back

Other Taliban fighters returned to seek revenge on the girl, but village members and pro-government supporters fought them off with guns.

Gul is said to be around the age of 15, but it is common for Afghan people not to know their exact age.

Gul and her younger brother were taken by Afghan security forces to protect them, said a spokesman to the provincial governor, Mohamed Aref Aber.

Feminists Silent on Muslim Women Brutality

In the United States, radical progressive feminists spend their time denouncing masculinity and stunting to kill unborn babies.

Gul is a shining example of a brave female who fought back against actual oppression, yet you don’t see celebrities and Democrats hailing her actions.

Despite elites refusing to acknowledge the situation, everyday people took to social media to commend the teenager.

“Suffering exists only because weakness exists,” posted one user on Twitter, calling her a “Ninja Assassin.” Another person said she was “a true hero.”

Growing Conflict as Taliban Escalates Attacks

The growing conflict has erupted with the Taliban and the Afghan government forces. The government did not free hundreds of Taliban members who were jailed in a prisoner swap both parties allegedly agreed to.

The nation is currently under siege by terrorist actions. A suicide car bomber unleashed on a group of Afghan army troops leading to eight casualties, the National Post reported.

Time will tell whether a solution will be found in the ever-increasing unrest in Afghanistan.

  1. Now think about this, a group of people in their nation being back by a political party want to change the government so are going about violently protesting and shooting and killing citizens. In our nation people are being killed by protesters for saying all lives matter or trying to drive to work and the same groups are attacking police and federal officers with a political party backing them. The difference is it hasn’t quite reach the same level but it isn’t far from it and we are sitting and watching it happen. We now have a political party that is backing violent terrorist who feel safe killing those who oppose their views.

  2. Where is the outrage from people in power here in the USA, like FEDERAL AND STATE OFFICIALS, THE MEDIA, WOMEN and those groups who are supposed to be known for protecting CHILDREN & WOMEN…….Is there no media except for the FAKE NEWS MEDIA left in the USA? THIS YOUNG GIRL SHOULD BE PRAISED BY EVERYONE FOR HER ACTIONS, SHE ACTUALLY STOOD UP TO THESE VILE, EVIL MUSLIM TERRORISTS !

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