Gunfire Rings Out at Pro Trump Event

Gunfire rings out at a pro-Trump event inside a Republican office in Arizona last week. This event was buried amid the uncontrollable riots occurring after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. As protests of the unfortunate death of the African-American man, Trump supporters continue to be victims of leftists suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, who continue their rage against the police, President Donald Trump, and his backers. 

Last Thursday night, five Republican volunteers met at the Mohave County Republican Office in Bullhead, Arizona to host a “MAGA Meet Up” online event. Around 7:00, gunshots rang and shattered a front door window. Republican officials and volunteers were reported to be sitting near the window. 

The Bullhead City Police are investigating the situation. However, the department is doubting exactly what occurred. A statement by the police read in part, “At this time, police do not know what caused the damage to the glass window; however, it is NOT believed to be caused by a firearm.” 

However, the eyewitnesses had a different story. One stated that it “seemed like a gunshot, based on their experience with weaponry.” This experience was based on a military background. Whether or not the attack on the Republican office was from a firearm or not, attacks on Trump supporters continues and expect more.

Protesters Hate Trump and America

The nationwide Floyd protests are more than simply the death of one man. It is a demonstration of outrage at Trump, conservatives, and the American system. The death of Floyd was just the trigger and excuse for Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the radical left to erupt in violence against a system that they deem ‘racist’ and ‘oppressive.’

During the riots, protesters yell, “F*ck Trump”, proudly hold anti-American signs, and spray paint vulgarity against the President and the country. An example of their malicious behavior was at the Dallas protests where there stood an individual carrying a Trump flag. A group of leftist criminals stole the flag and proudly burned it.

Unfortunately, this is merely a ‘mild’ example of criminality against Trump supporters. In February, two northwestern Indiana leftists tried to run twin brothers off the road simply because they had Trump flags on their bicycles. The woman involved yelled at the boys, “y’all scared, just like your president.”

Hillary Clinton was influenced in her college years by Communist Saul Alinsky, who wrote the book Rules for Radicals, a book that is a blueprint for Communist philosophy and techniques to combat capitalism. In the book, one of his ‘11 Rules on the Ethics of Means and Ends,’ states “In war, the ends justify almost any means.” 

This statement defines the Floyd riots that have been instigated by the leftist through their brainwashing by the liberal media, Communist politicians, and the anti-American educational system. The protesters and rioters are not engaging in these activities because of one man’s death. It is part of the end game of destroying the American system. The on-the-ground leftist protesters and rioters are willful idiots who are helping the Communists in their end games. Future violence against Trump supporters is to be expected. 


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