Marsha Blackburn Becomes Front Runner for Holding China Accountable

It sounds great but…
Marsha Blackburn
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Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has declared open war against China for its role in spreading the coronavirus.

At the top of Blackburn’s wish list is to hold China accountable and make America truly independent of foreign supply chains, especially when it comes to manufacturing pharmaceuticals.

Holding China Accountable

Blackburn went off in the Senate on holding China accountable.

This is a small snippet of what she had to say…

“This may seem like something that is too large or too risky an undertaking, but we have already paid dearly for our reliance on Chinese drug manufacturers, and it’s not going to stop because that vulnerability is leverage in the hands of madmen in Beijing who seek nothing but power and will go to any lengths to acquire that power.

“They don’t care who they hurt. It’s clear with this global pandemic.

“They don’t care if it is innocent people that are sick or maybe even that lose their life.

“And they defy us, they defy us when we try to stop them.

“It’s time that we rise to the challenge and that we return this supply chain.”

She later added, “We should hold them to account for what they have caused — that created a global pandemic and destabilized the health and the financial systems and the food supply of people all over the globe.”

Now, I am all for this, but how much is talk and how much is going to come into play?

Speaking tough is great, but as Americans, we want to know how much of what is being said is realistic.

We are never going to completely shut China out, but we can make some wholesale changes that would help our country become more independent.

But, we have to remember what got us into this predicament in the first place.

American manufacturers shut down because companies being supplied no longer wanted to pay the higher costs of manufacturing here in the United States, where people are paid higher wages, so they started buying overseas.

Now, I am not suggesting we pay our workers less, but I am saying as Americans, if we want this to happen, you better be prepared to pay more for your goods across the board or what Blackburn is suggesting will NEVER happen.

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