Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered in THIS State

Voter Fraud
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You know all that voter fraud that Democrats insist is not running rampant throughout the country?

Well, then can someone please explain how more than 200,000 names needed to be purged from the Wisconsin voter rolls?

Huge Implications

Wisconsin may just be the biggest prize in the general election for the candidates.

The winner of this state very well may end up in the White House come January 2021.

As such, the integrity of this election must be protected at all costs, which means removing the dead weight from the voter rolls.

Judge Paul Malloy, on Monday, ordered the Wisconsin State Election Commission to immediately purge these names, all 209,000 of them.

He also stated that “time is of the essence” and put a strategy in action to ensure the Democrats in charge of the commission play ball.

Malloy insisted there is no time to allow this case to be taken to the State Supreme Court or further, so he implemented a $50/day fine against the state.

Additionally, Malloy ordered a $250/day fine to Ann Jacobs, Julie Glancy, and Mark Thomsen, all Democrats, who are on the commission (there are also three Republicans, but they agree with the order).

When the State Justice Department asked for a stay on the order until an appeal could be made, Malloy dropped the hammer.

He stated, “I can’t be any clearer than this… They need to follow my order.”

Cleaning Up the Election

Wisconsin was a state barely carried by Trump in 2016.

While rumors of voter fraud benefitting the Democrats ran rampant, Trump squeaked by, winning the state with only 23,000 votes against Hillary.

Democrats, obviously, are fighting this measure, but Republicans are countering this purge must happen to ensure voters are not using older address to vote after they have moved.

Everyone is watching this case right now to see how it plays out, but right now it is in limbo.

The appeals court refuses to take the case because of the pending status on the state Supreme Court.

Since the state Supreme Court has not yet ruled, just how this case will proceed is unknown.

With so much at stake, we can only hope the commonsense wins out and the old names are purged from the voter rolls to ensure a legitimate election in this key battleground state.

  1. Well it looks like the dumocrat voting dead will be buried after all.Too me it looks as if all of the people who voted for the hilda beast will not be voting for GROPER JOE OR BERNIE OR EVEN POCAHONTAS??

  2. This SHOULD have been done last year! Why wasn’t it? Was the fact that our Gov. is now a democrat have anything to do with this purge not being carried out? Now, today, they have managed to get an appeals court to put a stay on the purge yet again! The communist faction is desperate to win at any cost. They don’t care about Wisconsin voters and what is best for Wisconsinites.
    The ONLY thing Wisconsin still has going for her is our requirement for Photo ID in order to vote, but that too is in jeopardy with the current Governor wanting to give state ID to non citizens and illegal aliens residing in our state. We MUST push for CITIZENSHIP VERIFIED PHOTO ID w/Current Address for ALL Polling places and in ALL elections.

    1. I agree with you! The Democrats have been getting away with Voter fraud for decades by claiming racism and disenfranchisement. And their best play has been to convince people that it doesn’t happen. But their brashness will be their undoing! They have become too overt in their cheating and it is bringing light to the problem.

      I LOVE your idea of citizenship verified ID. And to be one step ahead of the Democrats we must make it free. So to vote you could use either your Passport or a specific “voting id” where they have verified everything from identity to citizenship.

    1. They also kept fraud alive for decades by forbidding no census or voting IDs that indicate holders are a citizen.

  3. A lot of this voter fraud is being exposed by Judicial Watch, a great organization that is fighting for We the People. In CA alone they are now being forced to purge millions off of voter rolls, good job, it takes time but it’s happening. Tom Fitton gives a weekly update on their progress and exposes all kinds of corruption, if you get a chance go the website and watch a few videos, very eye opening. I’ve been donating to this worthy cause.

  4. Now when the people ordered to be removed because they did not respond to a notice sent to them through the mail, is against the Constitution. The other thing is that even the person ordering the removal said it mostr likely disadvantages Minority voters. This in no way is fraud most military or people who move around a lot do not in the majority of cases never notify the elections that they are leaving, and that does not amount to fraud in any way.

  5. Massive voter fraud? This isn’t NEWS! The democrats have been stealing elections for decades with their wide spread voter fraud system. Why do you think they were so sure to win in 2016? They knew the fix was in right from the start.

    They have people bused all over from the time the polls are open until they close. Voting as many times in as many precincts as they can. They have dead people voting, illegal aliens voting, they make tens of thousands of fake ballots stuffing them in the absentee box. And if this is not enough. They have stashes of ballots sitting on the side which can be ‘Discovered’ if the vote is close.

  6. Wisconsin must be in the dark ages about regular purging of voter rolls. And this article doesn’t address the possibility that voters who have moved, have not left the state but vote in a new precinct, not both old and new precincts. It may be a tempest in a teapot. We don’t know from this reporting. Please dig deeper to let the public know the full story, not just a smear of ‘Democrats’ who are fined on the State electoral commission. Maybe this is just another Russian hack job; let’s have the basis for the judge’s decision, not just the fact of it. It’s dishonest reporting.

  7. We need to make sure that these Voter Rolls are PURGED of dead and non resident “voters” in every State in the Union!

    Democrats have been stealing and fabricating votes for decades. I saw it in Illinois and in Florida and these people who commit these crimes need to be brought to Justice, one way or another!

    To hell with the Democrat Party, they are the Enemy!

  8. Only way dRats ever win is with millions spent getting out false messages or outright voter fraud. The dRats took to heart Stalin’s quote of “It’s not who votes but who counts the votes”. Voter fraud strikes at the very heart of the republic. It should be met with the strictest of penalties and swift and final judgments. Voter fraud brings on civil wars. That in itself should be enough to exact the ultimate penalties. BTW, the Afgans used an indelible purple ink and dipped the thumbs of people who had voted. I guess if picture ID is to much trouble for dRat voters the ink would be a good solution; except when they arrived at their next voting precinct!

  9. According to Judicial Watch, there are 378 counties in the US where the number of registered voters exceeds the number of voting age citizens. Unsurprisingly, most of these counties are in Democrat controlled states. A Federal Law states that having more registered voters than voting age citizens is sufficient evidence the voter rolls have to be cleaned up. Judicial Watch sues states and counties where this situation exists, to clean up voter rolls. This helps, but isn’t foolproof (Kentucky was sued before their last election and 200,000 names were removed-just before the election the Democrat secretary of state for Kentucky added the names back to the rolls and went on to win the election as governor in a very tight race). Whatever it takes, Democrats will do whatever needs to be done to win.

  10. Funny how the democrats want it extended when one would think they would want a fair election . The last election they cryed the Russians . Now when the judge is trying to make sure it will be fair for them … they try to postpone it . Why in the hell would they want that . I mean they don’t want the Russians interfering again … right ? Can’t they come up with something better then this crap . It’s a stupid lie and easy to see a mile away . But then no one said they were smart so …..

  11. With this bunch that sends the number of ILLEGALLY cast votes goes over the One MILLION mark with ease. Texas found somewhere around 900,000 and one county in Pennsylvania found around 11,000 now these added in takes the number to over 1.1 million. A poll worker found about 200 votes cast by people who were well over 200 years of age. Another such group of that amount that were over the age listed for America’s oldest person in the One Hundreds in age. The last one he found was his own uncle who swore he would NEVER vote Democrap even if dead who voted for Hitlery. The thing is the Uncle has been dead for ten years. During the special election in Alabama a Democrapic poll worker admitted to bringing a bus loaded with homeless and Illegals to cast votes for the Democrap in that Election.

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