Mayorkas Dares to Show His Face Along Texas Border


Minister of Domestic Security Alejandro Mayorkas dared to show his face along the Texas border. Everything about his trip made it crystal clear that the only security he cares about is his own. You won’t catch him talking about ghillie suit clad terrorists breaching our southern border because nobody could get close enough to him to ask the question.

Mayorkas greases through

Alejandro Mayorkas made a public relations visit to the border at Eagle Pass, Texas. He took a tip from Christopher Wray and had his itinerary well planned ahead of time.

His schedule was totally engineered to get him greased in and out before he had to face any irate border agents. Making it clear that the administration policies are carved in stone, he gave his big speech from a TV studio.

The public was told that Mayorkas would “meet with Border Patrol agents and survey operations.” Both were a joke. He’s only there because New York City and Washington, D.C. are suddenly overwhelmed by a handful of immigrants.

It’s making Dark Brandon look bad. His laser eyes are blazing in anger. When the secretary visited Border Patrol agents at Shelby Park, he watched them launch boats but didn’t take a single question. He knew the very first one would be asking what happened to those guys in ghillie suits?

As Fox explains, “Mayorkas did not take questions from media outlets or elaborate on the visit. Fox News has reached out to DHS seeking more information.” They got voice mail and no word back.

They happen to mention that his visit “came after a sit down with the San Antonio Express-News in which he criticized Gov. Greg Abbott for ramping up Texas Department of Public Safety Officers at the border for inspections.” How dare he try to slow the flow of meth and fentanyl.

Unilateral actions wreak havoc

He’s really ticked off that the National Guard is going around locking gates to keep illegals out. “When we work with DPS, in coordination with DPS, they are of tremendous assistance to us,” he told the camera. “When state officials work unilaterally and do not coordinate and collaborate with us, it can actually wreak havoc.

It’s a good thing the Border agents had the keys to those locked gates. Mayorkas has no desire to keep anyone on the other side of our border. Then, there’s that whole busing thing.

Border states like Arizona and Texas are supposed to quietly soak up the flood of invading immigrants so nobody on Capitol Hill needs to be bothered seeing any of them. Instead, Greg Abbott and Doug Ducey have been actually daring to give migrants a free ride to sanctuary cities.


Just because those places promised everyone on the planet a piece of American paradise doesn’t mean they want to have to feed or house them. Mayorkas is steaming mad about that.

So far, around “8,000 migrants have arrived on the state-sponsored bus trips, straining the resources and humanitarian services of both cities, which have also sought assistance from the federal government.

Even though the federal government created the problem, the last thing they want to do is pay for it. Mayorkas would much prefer they remain in Texas. Texans preferred they remain in Mexico but that didn’t work. Now, were down to a Mexican standoff. Oh, and what did happen to those guys in ghillie suits?

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