Report Updates Michigan Data Showed ‘Excess of 379,000 Votes’

Trump Stop the steal Michigan excess votes fraud report

A second Peter Navarro report from Michigan shows an “excess of 379,000 votes.” The mainstream media continues to call Republicans allegations of voter fraud “baseless conspiracy theories,” despite the overwhelming evidence. A massive Stop The Steal rally is planned for January 6 in Washington DC.


Michigan voter data shows excess votes

Peter Navarro joined Steve Bannon on the War Room podcast to talk about his findings of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. Navarro just released a 37-page report that made news around the country. “I’ve concluded that the number of possible illegal votes in the state of Michigan tops 379,000 ballots, more than twice the alleged victory margin of Joe Biden,” Navarro said. Biden won the state of Michigan and its 16 Electoral College votes by roughly 150,000 ballots.

This study provides measures of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. It first compares Fulton county’s precincts that are adjacent to similar precincts in neighboring counties that had no allegations of fraud to isolate the impact of Fulton county’s vote-counting process (including potential fraud).

Trump Stop The Steal rally – Washington DC January 6

In measuring the difference in President Trump’s vote share of the absentee ballots for these adjacent precincts, we account for the difference in his vote share of the in-person voting and the difference in registered voters’ demographics. The best estimate shows an unusual 7.81% drop in Trump’s percentage of the absentee ballots for Fulton County alone of 11,350 votes, or over 80% of Biden’s vote lead in Georgia.

The same approach is applied to Allegheny County in Pennsylvania for both absentee and provisional ballots. The estimated number of fraudulent votes from those two sources is about 55,270 votes.

Second, vote fraud can increase voter turnout rate. Increased fraud can take many forms: higher rates of filling out absentee ballots for people who hadn’t voted, dead people voting, ineligible people voting, or even payments to legally registered people for their votes. However, the increase might not be as large as the fraud if votes for opposing candidates are either lost, destroyed, or replaced with ballots filled out for the other candidate.

The estimates here indicate that there were 70,000 to 79,000 “excess” votes in Georgia and Pennsylvania. Adding Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin, the total increases to up to 289,000 excess votes.

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