Multiple Felony Federal Charges For Group of Antifa Terrorists


Nobody is real sure how it happened but four Antifa-brand™ terrorists were accidentally arrested in Portland, Oregon. Liberal media is furious that they are actually looking at federal charges for “crimes.” Don’t federal prosecutors understand that anything that happens “during violent protests and rioting” is protected free speech? Apparently not and their White privilege is showing.

A range of charges

The unfortunate felons are charged with a wide range of federal charges ranging from “destruction of federal property to possession of explosives.” Take Richard Timothy Hernandez of Portland, for instance.

The 56-year-old who should have known better “has been charged with three counts of destruction of government property.” You could call him a “rock” star. Federal agents have a whole stack of evidence proving that “Hernandez participated in three separate riots in the city.”

He thought he was getting away with it until they slapped the cuffs on him and filed charges. “Hernandez allegedly broke more than a dozen windows at the Hatfield Courthouse and ICE Portland Field Office.”

On March 14, prosecutors note, “Hernandez reportedly threw as many as 74 rocks at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building, causing more than $21,000 damage. He reportedly threw 13 objects at the courthouse causing $143,513 damage.”

Then, there is Rowan McManigal. “previously known as Daniel McManigal,” the 19-year-old from Lake Oswego faces charges for “conveying false or misleading information about possessing incendiary chemical agents on federal property.” He’s the one who “pulled wires from the ICE Portland Field Office’s card reader and intercom in December 2020.”

That was when “about 30 people had gathered at the ICE office and began to vandalize the property.” He made the mistake of sticking around, standing “in a walkway in front of the building’s main entrance for several minutes before his arrest.” When the searched his gear they found a fake bomb.

Waste people’s time

Officers going through McManigal’s backpack “found a hoax explosive device with a hand-drawn hazmat placard.” He admitted it was his.

The “device only contained water” and was only made to “waste people’s time.” They didn’t believe him and the bomb squad blew it up anyway, which was a waste of time, so it worked. They added extra charges for that.

The female arrested was Tracy Lynn Molina, age 48. She is looking at charges for failing to comply with a lawful order outside the ICE building, disorderly conduct, and assault on a federal officer. When the prosecutor tried to have her banned from “all federal properties” pending trial, she objected. “Seems kind of overdone for a made-up lie,” she told the judge, adding that she’s “Native American, has family on a reservation, and visits the Veterans Affairs Medical Center.” Often. The judge agreed to narrow the restrictions to three listed facilities.

All three of those suspects “were released from custody pending trial and ordered not to return after business hours to the ICE building, the downtown federal courthouse, or the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building in Portland.” Then there’s the 4th terrorist, and he’s “special.”

Malik Fard Muhammad, 24, “was previously arrested and jailed on 26 charges.” He didn’t get the message. Now he is looking at federal time for “possession of unregistered destructive devices, engaging in civil disorder, obstructing law enforcement, and using explosives to commit a federal felony.” Nice guy. He was one of the ones there in Portland last September and October.

Just for fun, he “intentionally jeopardized the lives of police officers, destroyed public property, and committed and encouraged other acts of violence.” He enraged police enough to actually arrest him by throwing “multiple firebombs at officers and buildings.” Since then, he’s been “charged with 26 state felonies in Multnomah County Circuit Court, including attempted aggravated murder, first-degree attempted murder, first-degree criminal mischief, riot and unlawfully possessing a firearm.”

A little road trip

Not only was he on the ground there on September 5, during the “large civil disturbance” in east Portland where “demonstrators threw fireworks, Molotov cocktails, and bottles at police.” Text records show “he gave rioters baseball bats.” They filmed him buying “several growler bottles” which are great for making Molotov cocktails because of the ring on the neck. “On September 23, an officer’s leg caught fire from one of the bombs allegedly thrown by Muhammad.”

In October he was smashing windows with a metal baton, then he went on a road trip. “Investigators obtained evidence that he traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, in August 2020 to meet with anti-government and anti-authority violent extremist groups to conduct firearms and tactical training.” He didn’t get released on bail with those charges.

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