Virginia Lawmakers Strip 2a Right’s in ANOTHER Drastic Move to Disarm Citizens

Second Amendment
Photo Courtesy of Fibonacci Blue via Creative Commons License

You would have thought Virginia politicians would have learned from their first go-around at their attack on the Second Amendment but clearly, they did not.

On Tuesday, they struck again, by passing HB-961, a bill that prohibits “any person from importing, selling, transferring, manufacturing, purchasing, possessing, or transporting an assault firearm” in the state.

Turning Citizens into Criminals

The penalties under the new legislation are stiff and are not being taken well by the pro-2A members of the state.

A violation of the new gun law would be considered a Class 6 felony.

The “criminal” would be subject to up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

The measure passed with a vote of 51-48, just about along party lines with a few Democrats siding with Republicans to shoot the measure down.

The bill also goes into great detail to reclassify semi-automatic weapons as “assault firearms.”

Finally, the bill will not allow any magazine that holds more than a dozen rounds.

Anyone doing so will also be guilty of a felony.

State Republican Nick Freitas stated, “HB 961 would make tens of thousands of gun owners in Virginia criminals overnight.”

“This bill creates an environment where you could receive up to 12 months in jail for every magazine you have over 12 rounds.

“At the same time that Democrats are voting for early release programs for people convicted of first-degree murder and rape, they are criminalizing law-abiding gun owners.”

The legislation will now head to the Senate, where it is not expected to get much resistance, then on to Governor Northam’s desk, where he will sign it as soon as it gets there.

This measure is not being taken lightly by Virginia residents, and they have already openly protested the measure, peacefully I might add, but to no avail.

Virginia Citizen’s Defense League President Philip Van Cleave stated, “The governor and leadership in the Democratic Party have declared war on law-abiding gun owners, and they’re tired of it.

“It’s basically people saying we’re fed up. We’ve had enough.”

He also made a statement that should energize conservatives throughout Virginia, stating, “Look, they’ve woken up a base that’s been sleeping. … Purple areas will turn bright red.

“They’re going to pay for this at the polls.”


  1. Democrats and the Constitution in conflict and the democrats come down firmly on the side of their narrative. Go democrats! Show America what your about.


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