Nurse Enjoyed Injecting Patient’s Arteries With Oxygen to Murder Them


It only took about an hour for jurors to return with a guilty verdict in the trial of a Texas nurse accused of killing patients. William George Davis was convicted for having allegedly killed four patients intentionally by injecting air into their arterial systems to cause severe and irreparable brain damage during his time as a nurse employed at Christus Trinity Mother Frances Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital in East Texas.


Jury reaches quick verdict

It was a quick verdict after two weeks of the jury being presented with evidence and testimony,  the bulk of which came from the prosecution.

The jury must have been thoroughly convinced by this evidence as they took only an hour to come to an agreement on the serious charge of capital murder.

The prosecution will be seeking the death penalty for Davis, whose alternative would be life in prison. Davis himself did not take the stand at any point in his trial.

The prosecution alleged that he intentionally killed four men who were recovering from heart surgeries at the hospital. They had no shortage of evidence to support this claim.

Complications after surgeries and deaths at a hospital are nothing too unusual but the circumstances of these particular incidents pointed to foul play.

None of the patients who died showed any indication of complications before Davis arrived. He was the only person in the room at the time complications began in each case.

Patients died mysteriously after nurse was alone with them

The cause of death in each case was brain damage resulting from air entering the brain via the arterial system, something which a pulmonologist who testified as an expert witness for the prosecution said that he had never seen in decades of practicing medicine.

He ruled out other causes of death after examining brain scans from the victims, supporting the argument that Davis had intentionally injected the air using syringes.

The suspicious deaths have not continued following Davis’ departure, a fact which undermines the argument made by the defense, which suggested that the hospital was using Davis as a scapegoat to cover up systemic failures.

The defense argued that the fact that Davis was the only person present at the time of each complication was merely a coincidence.

The jury seems to have been thoroughly unconvinced after hearing both of these suggestions. It was certainly an uphill battle for the defense given the apparent weight of evidence facing Davis.

It is not as easy to come to any conclusions about a motive for the murders. The prosecution simply stated that Davis liked killing people.

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