Patriotic Forces Roll Into Town, Massive Caravan


Unlike the migrant caravan madness associated with illegal aliens, this one didn’t cross any borders and everyone went home afterward. Brave and bold patriots don’t need to burn down buildings or smash windows with a hammer to voice their message to anarchists. Love and support for our president and our country came to Portland on Saturday in the form of 2,500 American flag waving supporters of President Donald Trump and everything he stands for.


A caravan of patriots

Liberal anarchists can’t stand deplorable people who actually overlook Donald Trump’s human frailties to support him in his primary missions of making America great and then keeping it that way. Hordes of fired up Trump supporters formed a caravan and converged on downtown Portland to show the rioters that the local residents back the cause of law and order, which will be history if progressive puppet Joe Biden wins the next election.

Thousands of people gathered at the Clackamas Town Center on Saturday for the “Trump cruise rally,” heavily promoted on Facebook. Liberals are convinced that the patriots were only there to cause trouble but that argument was thrown right out the window when there wasn’t any trouble. After gathering at the meeting point, the caravan then drove to Portland. Liberals feared that the conservatives would use the anarchist’s tactics against them. They were braced for the “clash with anti-racist demonstrators” which “seemed certain to await,” especially because organizers “encouraged concealed carry among attendees.” Liberals keep forgetting that Americans have rights under the Second Amendment to carry defensive weapons. The right to carry ends when you use it for anything other than self-defense.

On the Facebook event page, organizers wrote, “We would like to get some fellow American patriots together for a Trump 2020 Cruise rally to support our great president.” A count of the crowd shows that around 2,500 enthusiastically showed up for the caravan. “Trucks flying Trump, Gadsden, American and Thin Blue Line flags had lined the town center parking lot by 4 p.m.”

The ‘deplorables’ were civilized

Brandon Beck, who was part of the caravan, voiced the opinion shared by most, if not all of the patriots who attended. This was Beck’s first Trump rally and he wasn’t about to see the experience marred with violence. “I know for the most part, everyone here is gonna be pretty civilized. We’re all gonna support the president in a safe way.” That’s exactly what happened. Conservatives know how to behave in public.

One of the advantages to doing the rally as a caravan was “obviously we’re all gonna be in cars, none of us are gonna be burning, looting, or anything. We’re just trying to have fun and stay safe today.” He also noted, “we’re gonna be a major parade and showing strength for our president. Which we appreciate all that he’s done, keeping the economy going, fighting China on this virus, keeping us free and saving our Second Amendment.”

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office was ordered by the radical liberals above their head to stay out of it, but that doesn’t mean they had to leave the caravan parade participants to fend for themselves against an angry mob of rioters. Law enforcement vehicles “blocked intersections around the Town Center mall to allow the parade of vehicles to pass through.” They made sure to state for the record that they were “not providing an escort for the group.”

They may not have been an escort but they were a massively visible presence. “Multiple Oregon state troopers were positioned along Highway 224” which was the pro-Trump caravan route to Portland. Americans from coast-to-coast are boldly proclaiming, “this is how we fight back.” We “don’t need to brawl in the streets to make our voices heard and send a message to the communists that we love and support our president and our country.”

  1. take that, you f’ing commies…they were PEACEFUL, no brawls, no firing of guns, no chasing anybody in the streets…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS…way to go Patriots

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