Pence Makes Shocking Covid-19 Announcement

MIke Pence
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If you listen to Democrats, the sky is falling and we will all be dead from the coronavirus within a few weeks.


Vice President Mike Pence has a different message, stating that “we’re ready for anything.”

The VP Has Spoken

Dems have been very critical of the team that Trump has put together, mostly because he put Pence in charge of the team.

What most people don’t realize, though, is that Pence was the governor of the first state in the country during the MERS crisis, so he has ample experience in overseeing a team during a health crisis.

In terms of the United States being ready to deal with a possible pandemic outbreak, Pence stated, “While the risk to the American public remains low, as the president said yesterday, we’re ready.

“We’re ready for anything.”

Pence also stressed something I have stated numerous times in that preventing an outbreak does not just fall on the government.

He also made a plea for Democrats to knock off the theatrics and get to work with the administration to increase preparedness.

He stated, “As the president also said, it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together.

“This is not the time for partisanship; the American people expect us to work together.”

Scary, but Controllable So Far

While we do have about five dozen cases here in the United States, all but one of them are travelers from overseas or Americans that were repatriated for the sake of medical care.

The only “unknown” case has been reported in California, but there will surely be more.

Dems are frothing at the mouth for this to become a pandemic situation, but that really relies on us taking precautions to prevent that from happening.

If we are all careful and use the recommended measures, hopefully, we can keep this from reaching the outbreak levels seen in Italy and South Korea recently.

If, however, there is an outbreak, we do know the United States (per Johns Hopkins) has been rated as one of the most prepared counties in the world for such a crisis.

  1. Wow, a case of coronavirus in California which involves a person who has not traveled to China, so it means that this person contracted the disease from someone else in the country. I just read that about 30,000 illegals are still coming to America across the US-Mexican border each month. No one knows where these people come from, who they may have been exposed to and whether they are healthy when they get here. We do know that they tend to end up in places like California, where even the criminal illegals are treated like kings (even their crimes are excused). How the hell are we supposed to contain the virus here when this many people are coming into the country untested? As usual, the Democrats are blaming Trump for the appearance of the virus here (one has even named the virus the “Trump virus”. It just may be that their stupid policies will put us in danger.

  2. The Demorats don’t want the borders closed. They want a pandemic so that they can blame Trump for that . If he should close the border, they will scream that the sick illegals are all going to die and that will be Trump’s fault too. Hopefully all of the sick illegals go to California……

  3. Democraps are mad about Trump’s teams for two reasons 1) Pence a man of FAITH which they HATE almost as much that they HATE Trump. 2) Trump is not just throwing money at the problem. See Democraps don’t care who dies from this virus so long as it is not them and they control the doctors via money.

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