Pentagon Expands It’s Cyber Toys


The Pentagon wants to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum from DC to daylight on the battlefield, wherever that battlefield may be – Beirut, or a Black Lives Matter riot. The Department of Defense is expanding their meme warfare capabilities and adding new cyber-toys to the existing arsenal, an information warfare special report from C41srnet relates.


Pentagon consolidates capabilities

The first step in building an aggressive electronic warfare capability is reorganizing various DOD assets to more efficiently leverage their unique capabilities and the Pentagon has several projects already underway.

Admiral Michael Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations announced that the Navy is testing out a “dedicated information warfare cell” in the maritime operations center, “to more effectively execute space, electronic warfare, information operations and special operations forces into all-domain operations.” If things go well with the first one, the Pentagon will add others “in all fleet maritime operations centers as part of the budget for 2022.” He’s also developing a plan “to field small tactical cyber teams for fleet cyber commanders.”

The Army re-branded their Cyber Command as the Army Information Warfare Command, which Lieutenant General Stephen Fogarty will oversee as part of the 915th Cyber Warfare Battalion. The Pentagon’s approach is “a relatively new unit consisting of 12 teams that support brigade combat teams or other tactical formations.” Alert and ever on the ready for instant deployment around the world, to Seattle or Shanghai, These “fly away” teams “would help plan tactical cyber operations for commanders in theater and unilaterally conduct missions in coordination with forces in the field.”

The Army gets all the new gadgets

The Army is the branch that’s getting all the new Pentagon gadgets. The first organic brigade information warfare capabilities team has a package they like to call “the Multi-Function Electronic Warfare Air Large.” It is modular equipment that can be conveniently attached to just about any aircraft. It’s ad brochure describes it as “the first organic bridge aerial electronic attack asset which is also capable of cyberattacks.” Mounted on unmanned drones, “the MFEW-Air Large will enable land force commanders to shape the electromagnetic operational environment to their advantage.”

They have ground based units too, for “integrated signals intelligence, electronic warfare and cyber platform.” The Pentagon designated it the “Terrestrial Layer System.” It’s meant to be “a ground-based system on trucks on armored vehicles that combines electronic warfare, signals intelligence and cyber capabilities on one platform.” Colonel Kevin Finch reveals, “When you talk about cyber being integrated onto different platforms, you’re talking about the Terrestrial Layer System, which is going to be the first EW, [signals intelligence] and cyber platform.” Colonel Finch practically noted, “I can’t control the world, but I can control my portfolio. From that perspective, we have a golden opportunity here, and I don’t want to squander it.”

The Air Force merged it’s “cyber, electronic warfare, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, information operations and weather together under one commander” and the new 16th Air Force reached fully operational capability this month. Lieutenant General Timothy Haugh notes his unit “will be partnering with their parent entity Air Combat Command to create a spectrum warfare wing.” The Pentagon doesn’t want to get caught with their electronic pants down.

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