Podesta Just Spilled the Beans on the Clintons and The DNC

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman, John Podesta, ratted out the queen reptilian, Hillary Clinton herself. He spilled the beans about how her campaign and the Democratic Party split the cost of the fictional dossier which launched a Deep State coup the evidence was buried in a capitol hill hearing transcript. Last week, as the frenzy of anticipation over the release of all the Russiagate testimony transcripts was nearing it’s peak, somebody leaked another interesting transcript on the tinfoil hat bulletin boards.

Podesta ratted out the Clintons

Hillary Clinton swore up and down that she never heard of Christopher Steele or his dirty dossier until Buzzfeed published it in January of 2017. That isn’t what John Podesta told Congress. The transcript just released shows that was a total lie. A year after the dossier hit the streets, he swore under oath that Hillary’s campaign split the cost of the “opposition research.” It proves both him and Debbie Wasserman Schultz were lying when they “denied to congressional Russia investigators that they had any knowledge about the arrangement to pay for opposition research on President Donald Trump.” Democrats buried it.

All of the Democrat Party bigwigs played dumb and denied everything. Hillary and The DNC were reported by the New York Times denying that “Hillary and the DNC were unaware that their law firm Perkins Coie was working on the dossier.”

Clinton’s top money man finally admitted he was at best misleading when he testified the first time to congress. He lied when he told them that he didn’t know who paid Fusion GPS. He hedged the second time around, weaseling that he didn’t quite remember what he said the first time. For the official record, on December 4, 2017, his story changed. The payments, he admitted, “were made through Perkins Coie, 50 percent from the campaign, 50 percent from the DNC.”


Hillary knew in general terms

Another bombshell in the leaked transcript comes when Podesta is interrogated over Hillary Clinton, regarding what she knew and when she knew it. When asked, “Did Mrs. Clinton or anybody else with he campaign ever talk to you about opposition research and who you might hire?” Hillary’s campaign manager replied, “she knew that we had an opposition research staff in-house. We – the campaign, directly purchased some opposition research.”

She may have plausible deniability regarding the details and specifics, but she knew “in general terms that we were trying to figure out, which was not easy, what Mr. Trump’s financial relationships were, what his relationships might be to Russia and other former Soviet Union actors.” She didn’t know Steele by name but she knew what he was up to and knew she was paying for it. “She certainly wasn’t sort of saying, ‘who are your vendors.'” She didn’t want to know.

  1. The system has been so badly corrupted that the Clinton’s have gotten away with lying under oath,treason,the huge number of people with knowledge of the betrayal of the law,the Constitution,the people they have sworn to “serve” when in fact,There is so much,so much,always enriching,enabling the Clinton’s,who only served,serve themselves! The number of people who ended up murdered by unknown killers,the crimes committed ,the shear treason,betrayal,abuse,cost in human life for decades is so overwhelming and Justice has NEVER been done.
    If it looks like a duck,walks like a duck,quacks like a duck .the bibliography these monsters should have,would have and the punishment they and their “gang” deserve,overwhelming evidence so,what does it mean?
    The system has FAILED,totally corrupt,decades of elected officials,judges,politicians top to bottom betraying the Constitution,the law,civil,criminal,the very law that was begun by the founders,the framers,the Constitution,and built my so many millions as Freedom,Opportunity,every promise this country was created to ensure,cost hundreds of thousands of lives is finished,done,evolving for decades as “checks and balances,three branches of government with the power to approve or reject tyranny,the system has become but,THERE are NO Checks and Balances,no honest government,the Judiciary,the Congress,those sworn to enforce,protect us have not done so as these pariah have brought us here.
    We are “bankrupt” by any definition! The “Full Faith and Credit” of the USA? Rome?,Greece,so many once all powerful then!

  2. If John Podesta really just ratted out the Clintons, then by tomorrow or early next week at the latest, he will probably also have committed suicide by shooting him self in the back of the head twice, then hiding the gun.

  3. Podesta in Italian means “mayor”. Could also be construed as “power-broker” or “potentate”.

    What’s in a name?? Well… … … What happened to Target in Minneapolis??

  4. according to the scriptures liars cannot find truth so we just are not supposed to believe much of anything they say.

  5. So WHAT NO one is going to do anything about it. The rats have stalled the country and will do more stalling until they have the majority THEN THEY will give themselves and all the others either a pardon or EXONERATE the liars socialist, communist, liberal democrats.
    Just one more thing the public will do or say nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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