Police Receive Call of Shots Fired…Then a Man in a Gorilla Suit Emerges With Machete


Early Friday morning, gunshot sounds and a man dressed in a gorilla suit waving a machete forced dozens of apartment complex residents out into the cold, with temperatures hovering in the low 40’s. They were driven from their homes on the North Dakota side of Fargo by the police, then kept away for over two hours while police negotiated with the “guerrilla” terrorist.


A ‘one man army’ in a Gorilla suit

During a previous arrest, Jorden Pickus was booked into the Cass County Jail wearing a t-shirt declaring he considered himself to be a “one man army.” This time, it appears that to make the point that he had gone guerrilla, he dressed up in a gorilla suit. Or, maybe it was just because he was so high he didn’t know where he was or what he was doing. Either way, he scared the heck out of his neighbors last night.

Just after 12:30 a.m. local time Friday morning, October 2, police got a call of “possible shots fired” near the apartments on the 2700 block of 8th St. N. and they were also “told a man was in a gorilla suit and threatening people with a machete.” They sent out their version of a SWAT team.

As the police rolled up on the scene, “the man in the gorilla suit then went inside the building and made the threats that prompted the police to set up a perimeter.” For everyone’s safety, “officers evacuated the apartment buildings.” The police cordoned off an entire section of the roadway for three blocks.

Threats to blow up the building

After Pickus barricaded himself in an apartment, he continued to threaten blowing up the building. At some point, officers learned that the gunshots were actually high-grade fireworks. “Police later discovered the sound of gunshots was caused by artillery-style fireworks. They said the man had been lighting them off prior to their arrival.” One thing’s for sure, a guy in a gorilla suit waving a machete and firing artillery shells has gone bananas.

Sergeant Travis Moser says cops kept the gorilla caged in his apartment while they “evacuated about a half dozen residents of the building.” They knew Pickus had explosives so they had to take his threats to “blow up the building and everyone inside” seriously.

Cops got him on the telephone and talked him down for a full two hours until enough of whatever he was on wore off. As Sgt. Moser reports, “Officers were able to talk to Pickus for about two hours and eventually convinced the heavily intoxicated man to surrender. He was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation, cleared, and taken to jail on a charge of terrorizing.” Fargo will be talking about the guerrilla in a gorilla suit for years to come.

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