Political Prisoners Say They’re Being ‘FORCE FED CRT’ and ‘Anti-White Messaging’

political prisoners

The political prisoners being held in Washington D.C. as part of the farcical investigation into January 6 say that their captors are trying to brainwash them with critical race theory and anti-white propaganda. In this they aren’t too far off from the experience students are having in public schools, though we can assume that the feds have dialed up the intensity of their self hatred lessons for these prisoners, who have been treated with special cruelty in jail.

Political prisoners force fed propaganda

The January 6 prisoners are, undeniably, political prisoners. Leftists have done exactly what they did without facing any hint of reprisal from the federal government.

No one has been jailed for trespassing or assaulting officers or anything else they might officially be charged with; these people have been rounded up so that the DOJ can make an example of Trump supporters who got too vocal about a rigged election.

With that fact in mind the reports coming from the jail become that much worse. These political prisoners are being force fed propaganda which is meant to make them feel subhuman.

This is a  Soviet style reeducation camp on American soil. Prisoners are being physically punished for expressing their political or religious beliefs while they are taught to adopt the ideology and religion of the new regime.

Prisoners have already reported on the extremely harsh physical conditions in which they are being held and on the contempt with which they are treated by guards.

Even Vladimir Putin has said that these individuals are political prisoners, though that pronouncement was unlikely to do much to make liberals feel any more sympathy.

Gitmo for Republicans

Forcing prisoners to view anti-white propaganda constantly, as the prisoners have reported, is a very extreme form of psychological torture which wouldn’t be out of place in most totalitarian regimes.

American politicians are happy to talk about the concentration camps run by China, in which the Uyghur cultural identity is meant to be completely dismantled and their collective spirit broken.

Why are these politicians not discussing the fact that their own constituents are being given a comparable treatment in Washington DC?

Political prisoners being force fed hateful propaganda is the sort of thing which would prompt the United States to accuse a foreign country of grave human rights violations.

The CIA has overthrown governments for less. If these reports are true, and there is no good reason to doubt them, then the federal government is carrying out mental torture on prisoners who did little more than stroll through the halls of a building.

Leftist rioters are entitled to tear entire cities apart whenever they feel so inclined. Right wing prisoners are given the Guantanamo Bay treatment for the most minor of offenses.

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