White House Announces They are Coming For You

White House

The White House has announced new plans to persecute Americans for beliefs that do not align with the values of the far left. The Biden Administration claims that the greatest threat to America is “white supremacy” and that this problem requires a massive campaign against domestic terrorism. What this translates to should be obvious enough: the FBI will be harassing and attacking American citizens for their beliefs and opinions.


White House targets citizens

“White supremacist terrorism” may not exist in reality, but that hasn’t stopped the US government  from devoting itself to exterminating the imaginary threat and devoting huge resources to the effort.

The latest statement from the White House claims that a priority of the new campaign  will be to ensure that law enforcement is working without bias and protecting Americans.

Obviously this claim is laughable. The fight against “domestic terrorism” is purely an excuse for the US government to target you and anyone who thinks like you.

The White House explains that it will work to purge “domestic terrorists” from the military and law enforcement. This, again, refers specifically to anyone remotely right wing.

Even accepting the premise of this all as a genuine US government attempt to protect Americans, the policies being adopted by federal agencies will actively crush the civil liberties of American citizens and will spread paranoia and the security state.

These policies are malicious though, in a way that the infamous Patriot Act never was. This campaign against “domestic terrorism” is explicitly identified by the White House as an attempt to destroy internal dissent and criticism of the neoliberal world order.

Feds may be coming for you

There may be no issue in America which is more pressing and threatening to so many people. This White House is openly working to shred the Constitutional rights of American citizens and subject them to a hostile police state.

The definition of “domestic terrorism” under this White House strategy will be whatever the leadership of the Democrats and the federal bureaucrats decide it is.

It would be almost impossible to overstate the danger of what is currently being done to American citizens under these policies which are supposedly being put in place to protect them.

Already there are hundreds of Trump supporters languishing in federal prison and facing decades behind bars simply for protesting the results of a very questionable election.

Clearly the events of January 6 convinced the people who run the federal government that there can be no more tolerance for any dissent against leftist control. Opposition from even Republican politicians has thus far been almost nonexistent.

The rhetoric coming from the White House will always be wrapped in polite liberal euphemisms and claims of imminent danger from supposed terrorist threats. Conservative Americans should not be fooled. This government is coming for you.

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