Sanders Uses Iran Conflict to Unload on Biden’s Past Record

Bernie crushed Biden.
Bernie Sanders
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Joe Biden has been trying to distance himself from his own record, but the current Iran conflict has given his opponents the opportunity to attack him.

Of all the candidates, Bernie Sanders has been the most vocal on this, slamming Biden for voting to move forward with the war in Iraq…

The Biden Record

We have long-stated that Joe Biden’s record in the Senate is not a good one.

Much of the legislation he has backed or created has turned out to be disastrous.

The one bill that always sticks out was the crime bill Biden penned during the Clinton administration that led to the mass incarceration of minorities in this country.

Biden also cast a vote in favor of going to war in Iraq, a war that was started on a false premise.

Mr. Biden also supported bailout legislation that allowed business interests of Hunter Biden to benefit.

Of course, there is also the bussing legislation that Kamala Harris brought up during the first debate.

Since the election has started, Biden has tried to distance himself from his own record to stand on the Obama administration record, but that is not exactly all strawberries and whipped cream, either.

The Soleimani Strike

After General Soleimani was taken out, Joe Biden held a press conference and was very critical of the move by Trump.

He stated this even though our Defense Department and intelligence officials stated that Soleimani was about to carry out imminent attacks against our troops and interests.

While conservatives have compared this to the bin Laden strike, Biden and most Democrats continue to maintain this was an act of war.

Ironically, this also exposed another lie by Joe Biden.

Going back to 2012, Biden stated that he wanted to hold off on the attack against bin Laden until they had more information.

He changed his story beginning in 2015 when he stated he backed the operation.

Biden was recently asked about this by a reporter who called him out for not backing the operation, and Biden stuck by his most recent story that he never said: “don’t go.”

Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked him, “Didn’t you tell President Obama not to go after bin Laden that day?”

Biden responded, “No, I didn’t. I didn’t.”

In addition to another lie, what we are seeing is a pattern of very bad decision making on the part of Joe Biden, someone we clearly cannot allow to sit in the Oval Office.

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