School Discipline ‘Racist’ Exercise of ‘Whiteness’


Did you know that “discipline” in school is racist? Yep. Kayla Patrick says so. It’s only administered because of all the pervasive “Whiteness” in the classroom. It’s no wonder D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser recently threw up her hands in surrender to “juvenile violence.” The prevailing liberal school of thought supports the concept that junior Antifa delinquents should be allowed to do as they please at school, just like any other anarchist.

Discipline a racist White delusion

The idea that discipline has any beneficial effect inside a school has been declared by a ranking federal official to be nothing but a delusion of racist Whiteness.

As America bites their nails awaiting the results of this year’s election, we can ponder that Kayla Patrick from the Department of Indoctrination’s Office of “Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development” has a history of spewing inflammatory racist rhetoric.

She was appointed to her prestigious post in February of 2022 and has been planning the official indoctrination of your children ever since. Guiding her curriculum outline are views she expressed back in 2021.

That’s when she posted on LinkedIn that “school discipline is a symptom of a racist and punitive system that often fails to see children as children.

Instead of requiring students to ask, rather than meow, bark, hiss, or scratch for a pass to use the trans-species “litter box” down the hall, Modern indoctrinators are supposed to just sign the pass and keep moving with the government approved lesson.

Instead of helping students to learn and grow from mistakes, educators send them into the office, or send them home, or even sometimes call the police.” Discipline is so Twentieth Century, it’s barbaric.

Black students are offended

The biggest problem with discipline at school is that Black students “are more likely to be offended.” We can’t have that.

Ms. Patrick learned new skills to address the problems of disruptive and occasionally armed students from the “equity-driven” Education Trust, an “organization funded by the Gates Foundation and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.” Thanks guys.

The only one way to achieve “equity” in the classroom is to ditch any sort of discipline or consequences for actions. That means addressing “systemic causes.” Offensive things like “Whiteness.” That’s the real problem. “Equity is a key priority for the Biden administration.


On Biden’s first day in office, His Wisdom “signed an executive order to address ‘systemic racism‘ and push equity into all federal agencies.” Ms. Patrick is fully on board with the program.

Patrick and those associated with her in the planning department have been stuffing cash into a snowblower by the hundreds of millions and flinging it out to fund “equity-focused programs and grants.” Discipline has now been replaced by critical race theory. “Black girls are more likely to be disciplined for simply being Black.” When White kids talk back to the teacher it’s “self-advocacy or assertiveness.

Those are leadership skills. “When Black girls do it in schools they are often suspended for being loud, defiant or talking back.” That’s usually because they aren’t just talking back. They’re extra loud, extra defiant, insistent on affirmative action style Black privilege, using profanity and able to have the teacher “smoked” in the parking lot after school by their friends.

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