Shock Waves Hit ENTIRE State

In yet another negative consequence of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ failed policies, one state in particular has been hit hard by Biden’s ban on drilling on federal lands.

Democrats’ War on Oil and Gas

In the first few weeks of his administration, Biden kept one of his campaign promises, imposing a 60-day moratorium on new drilling and new oil and gas leases on federal land.

Democrats don’t seem to understand that their policies only hurt the American people, rather than helping the environment. As Fox 13 reports, “a moratorium on drilling only reduces the supply of oil and natural gas, not the demand.”

So rather than helping the transition to renewable energy that the Democrats are begging for, Biden’s policies are just effecting the prices and sources of oil and gas, and destroying jobs.

Despite what the media tried to portray, Joe Biden has always been in favor of destroying fossil fuel related jobs in the United States. Thanks to the mainstream media’s refusal to cover Biden honestly, union workers in these fields voted for him anyway, and are now regretting their decision.

Economic Devastation

Utah residents in the oil-rich and gas-rich area known as the Uintah Basin are being directly harmed by this decision.

“Certainly it’s troubling when, with the stroke of a pen, we have such sweeping policy changes,” Rikki Hrenko-Browning, president of the Utah Petroleum Association, stated.

The moratorium didn’t just effect fossil fuel related businesses and their employees, it also harms businesses in those areas that rely on these people as customers. Dave Everett, a longtime server at Betty’s Cafe in Vernal, says that his town is in bad shape after a reduced demand for oil during the pandemic.

“People are liquidating. Trucks, snowmobiles, motorcycles, all of these things they could afford prior when they were employed in the oil industry,” said Everett, who is also a Vernal city councilman.

With the town already facing hardship from the pandemic, Biden’s new orders are making life even more difficult.

“[Politicians] are making decisions that are life-altering, that are changing people’s whole entire way of life and living and their families, and they don’t know. They don’t have a clue,” Everett said.

The left is trying desperately to destroy the fossil fuel industry while claiming that renewables are sufficient to replace both the energy produced by oil and gas, and the jobs lost. Hrenko-Browning disagrees with this assessment.

“I don’t know that you can replace an oil and gas job quite as easily as we’ve been hearing from some administration officials. When you look at wages, for example, oil, gas and mining have the highest wages in the state, neck and neck with I.T, above financial services, and certainly above a solar panel installer,” she asserted.

University of Wyoming Professor Tim Considine pointed out the serious economic impact the ban will have on Utah and several other western states.

“If the oil and gas companies can’t drill, they’re not going to buy local services,” Considine stated.

It isn’t just businesses and workers that will be effected by this either, according to Considine. The ban will also harm the state’s budget, as taxes and fees imposed on oil and gas production generates almost $200 million in a single year. This will effect the amount of money that the state can spend on things like the fire department, police department, schools, and more.

“A lease moratorium or a drilling ban can have some big impacts on state finances by reducing tax revenues — from severance taxes, ad valorem taxes, and the state share of federal royalties,” Considine said. “All being affected by a revenue shortfall.”

Federal Lands

The left has tried to argue that the ban only effects land owned by the federal government, so it isn’t an all-out ban, but this graph depicting federal land in the United States shows how much the ban will effect the oil industry, especially in Utah:

federal land

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