Shocking New Development Shows Ghislaine Targeted Young Schoolgirls


Ghislaine Maxwell would brazenly “hand out her number to schoolgirls.” The adolescents targeted by the pervert would later show up at Epstein’s mansion to be abused in exchange for cash. Now that the woman who allegedly recruited young girls for Jeffrey Epstein is behind bars, victim Maria Farmer finally feels comfortable making her shocking new revelations.

Ghislaine turned them into sex slaves

According to a report by The Sun, abuse survivor Maria Farmer has claimed she saw Ghislaine Maxwell “dashing up to young girls out of the blue and handing them her phone number.” Frequently, her and other victims would later “see the same girl – often picked up near a school or park – appearing at one of Epstein’s many homes.”

Jeffrey Epstein was a failure as a math teacher but somehow made millions as an investment adviser. His life ended under suspicious circumstances in August of 2019 in a cell. He was awaiting trial on charges that his accomplices, managed by Ghislaine Maxwell “lured vulnerable, young and underage girls into service under the pretense of giving massages, before turning them into sex slaves.”

There are lots of indications that the rabbit hole went a lot deeper than that. Ghislaine may have been the brains behind a global “badger game” and Epstein’s business contacts could be the only thing she needed him for. Keeping him happy with his “massages” three times a day was only the first step in training for Maxwell’s harem. Once they were comfortable practicing on Jeffrey, the young and tender victims could be shipped off to the Virgin Islands and used as blackmail bait for world leaders. Like Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton. Allegedly. “We weren’t even a human being to them. We were just another toy to be passed around.”

The first to speak out

Ghislaine made it crystal clear to the girls that if they tried to tell anyone about any kind of “abuse,” she would destroy their lives. Ms. Farmer was the first to speak out. She was hired as an “art buyer.” She believed the powerful socialite when Maxwell told her “I’m going to burn your art and then I’m going to burn your career and then I’m going to burn you and the house you live in.” She was afraid to say another word until Maxwell was off the streets. When she turned Epstein in back in 1996, the authorities sat on the report until 2008.

After a lot more women came forward, the whole tangled web of “money, power and sexual abuse” was unraveled. Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested without incident at the mansion where she was “tucked away” in the woods of New Hampshire. She faces charges for her role in the “trafficking scheme” but she’s as slippery as an eel. The day before her arrest, a federal judge ordered every scrap of confidential evidence from the case of Virginia Giuffre v. Maxwell immediately tossed in the shredder.

Ghislaine Maxwell certainly has a bunch of spooky connections and a family history of wealth, power and intrigue. Her daddy was allegedly a triple agent revered by the Mossad. When she was arrested Thursday, she had nearly twenty million dollars spread across 15 separate accounts and “was holding three passports.”

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