Shocking Shepard Smith Results Are In


Shephard Smith left Fox News in October 2019 and moved to NBC but his viewer numbers are not going in his favor.

Smith Brings In Low Numbers

In the first week of his CNBC shows, Smith averaged 322,000 views.

The anchor was with Fox News for 23 years and signed in July as CNBC’s chief general news anchor and chief breaking general news anchor. He is also the executive editor of his own show, “Shephard Smith Reports.”

September 30 marked his debut and received 373,000 viewers and those numbers keep declining over the next shows.

“On Oct. 1, Smith registered 321,000 viewers, followed by 331,000 on Oct. 2, 266,000 on Oct. 5 and 321,000 on Wednesday,” the Hill reports.

Lou Dobbs Repeats Are Getting More Support

He competes with re-runs of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Fox Business at 7 p.m. ET. Dobbs repeat shows have brought in an average of 335,000 which tops Smith.

When Smith was with Fox, he averaged 1.3 million views which is a huge contrast from what he is bringing in now.

Rocky Relationship With the President

President Donald Trump and the anchor have had a tumultuous relationship and the president has accused him of fake news.

The news host has been a harsh critic of Trump and many conservatives were not sad to see him leave Fox News.

“In my more than 30 years in journalism, there has never been a better or more critical time to launch a non-partisan, fact-based evening newscast,” Smith said upon signing with CNBC in July.

“From the ongoing pandemic to the election and the economy, the mission of this program is to cover the most important news of the day with depth and clarity. Each night, we will be bold, we will be direct and we will deliver the truth to our viewers,” he added.

It is unknown if the network will want their new anchor to stay on indefinitely with the low numbers he is garnishing for them.

  1. In spite of his Left leaning tendencies & his light in the loafers life style that kept coming up, the average viewer on Fox continued to support him by watching his shows, turning him off only when he went off the rails with one of his Left wing rants. Now that he has joined the enemy full time, most of us would not urinate on his head if his hair was on fire other than for the fun involved!

  2. So you want to launch a “non-partisan, fact-based evening newscast?” Seems that you still dont have it right and will soon be cancelled as even CNBC wont take these low ratings for long. It was ok for you to be critical of the President while with Fox, as long as you gave the same treatment to other politicians. But when you kissed butt of the left and constantly attacked Trump because of your TDS, that was more then people could take and that is why you were fired from Fox. maybe you should step back and let that little factoid sink in

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