Spygate Case Heats Up As Durham Makes Another Power Play


United States Attorney John Durham was personally hand picked by Attorney General William Barr to lead the probe into the origins of “Spygate.” That’s the Deep State conspiracy to manufacture non-existent Russian “collusion.” Durham isn’t just another one of the toothless watchdog Inspectors General, he’s a federal prosecutor with a grand jury and the power to issue subpoenas. Word around the campfire is that he’s already been testing those powers. Even more interesting, he just expanded his team and added a powerful new lieutenant.


Every day, Spygate looks more like Watergate

Every day, the Spygate conspiracy seems more and more like the Watergate bugging, which is probably why Durham’s probe is also starting to look more like a RICO investigation into organized crime. Just like Nixon’s henchmen, the FBI branch of the Hillary Clinton Fan Club bugged the opposition campaign, while weaponizing the justice department and intelligence community.

The fact he added more investigators strongly indicates that Durham found something major to dig into, and needs extra help to sort through the evidence. To take charge of the new investigators Durham reportedly tapped Anthony Scarpelli, former chief of the violent crimes and narcotics section in the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Rumors started circulating on Wednesday that Durham and members of his team have been spotted ducking in and out of the “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.” The SCIF is a special secure room where top-secret documents can be examined by those with the proper clearance. It may be something discovered in those files which prompted the staff expansion.

Grand Jury already hearing testimony.

According to John Solomon, the token conservative writer for the Hill, several people have already testified in front of Durham’s Spygate grand jury, including “several FBI agents.” Members of the intelligence community have also been interrogated. The investigative reporter is convinced that Kevin Clinesmith will be the first one to face charges. The handwriting is clearly on the wall.

Clinesmith was busted for altering “an email to hide exculpatory evidence in the Carter Page investigation.” Specifically, Clinesmith knew that the only reason Page was talking to Russians was because he was a CIA asset working “to bring Russians to court for various crimes.” The FBI and DOJ intentionally hid that fact from the FISA court. They didn’t just forget to tell them, they covered it up.

It’s clear from what’s been falling off the edges of Durham’s investigation that he’s been zeroing in on the “intelligence community.” That means the alphabet agencies including the CIA, DIA, and NSA along with many others nobody knows anything about because they’re not supposed to actually exist. John Brennan and James Clapper both have Durham’s glowing red dots on their forehead resulting from Spygate conspiracy clues.

This Deep State darkness was the perfect breeding ground for at least two devious plots. One to rig an election, followed by one to overturn the result and overthrow a sitting president. Many say that sounds a lot like Treason.


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