Supreme Court Holds RARE Session


In an unusual turn of events, the Wisconsin Supreme Court is holding a rare session on Saturday to discuss the lawsuit sought by President Donald Trump over voter fraud. 

Wisconsin Supreme Court Special Session

The high court in the notorious battleground state has agreed to hear President Trump’s case. This good news came after a state judge ruled against him saying Joe Biden would get the 10 electoral votes the state possesses.

Another promising aspect is that the Wisconsin Supreme Court is controlled 4-3 by conservatives. However, if taking into consideration their decision in the first place to not hear the case until it went through lower courts shows that their ruling is still unknown.

Trump Continues to Fight

President Trump and his team have tried to disqualify 221,000 ballots in both Dane and Milwaukee counties.

CBS News reports:

He wanted to disqualify absentee ballots cast early and in-person, saying there wasn’t a proper written request made for the ballots; absentee ballots cast by people who claimed “indefinitely confined” status; absentee ballots collected by poll workers at Madison parks; and absentee ballots where clerks filled in missing information on ballot envelopes.

On Friday, a state judge ruled that President Trump’s claims lacked merit. However, evidence of mass voter fraud keeps mounting and it seems quite plausible that Wisconsin was heavily infiltrated with election fraud according to Trump’s team and independent lawyers.

The media has reported that Joe Biden won the state by 20,600 votes which is a margin of 0.6%.

Lawyers Seeking Justice

Independent lawyers such as Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have continued to contest the election results in several states which use Dominion Voting Software. Powell is also filing a suit in Wisconsin and hopes that the court will hear the evidence they have gathered.

The fight still rages on and the outcome of the 2020 election is still unknown due to substantial amounts of evidence pointing towards election interference.

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