Susan Rice Goes Full Crazy With Conspiracy Theory on TV


Former national security adviser under the Obama administration, Susan Rice, went off on a completely unfounded conspiracy theory regarding President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Rice Goes Full-On Conspiracy

In a July 29 interview with the hosts of ABC’s “The View” wildly criticized Trump’s response to reports of the Russian government paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American military in Afghanistan.

“He is absolutely a failure as our commander in chief,” Rice said. “And all the while he’s protecting Putin, justifying Russian behavior. In the same interview, he said, ‘Well you know China does much worse,’ and then says ‘And America has done the same thing as the Russians during the Afghan War’ — and it’s just outrageous. Where is our president, our commander in chief standing up for our servicemen and women? He could care less and he’s got some very bizarre very inexplicable reason for always giving Putin the benefit of the doubt and taking steps that benefit Russia at America’s expense.”

COVID is Trump’s Fault of Course According to Dems

With liberals blaming the president and conservatives for just about everything bad, Rice also went off on a tangent and blamed Trump for COVID-19 deaths.

“We prepared the incoming administration with a ‘Pandemic for Dummies’ playbook, and a tabletop exercise, and so many other briefings,” Rice said. “So the fault here — the fault here, the tragic loss of 150,000 Americans and counting, is on Donald Trump and his gross mishandling of this pandemic.”

With Democrats first stunting to postpone the November 2020 presidential election and calling for a nationwide mail-in-voting concoction.

“Our country rests on the peaceful transfer of power and the recognition that the voters get to decide. So it’s clear that Donald Trump will stop at nothing to try to stay in power,” Rice said.

“Americans have to decisively reject this corruption and abuse of power at the ballot box. It has to be a resounding defeat of Donald Trump and those in the Senate who enable him to discredit and undermine our democracy,” she later added.

During the time of this interview, Rice discussed how she was under consideration of being the Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden’s, running mate.

“I am apparently among those that are being considered for this important role,” Rice told the hosts.

Rice Loses to Equally Radical Kamala Harris

Many highly speculated that Rice would become Biden’s vice president choice but it was announced yesterday that the equally radical Sen. Kamala Harris was chosen instead.

Scandals have followed Rice for years. She was part of the disastrous handling of the Benghazi attack in 2012. During the time, she insisted the devastating attack was “spontaneous” when in fact it was very premeditated.

She completely defended her inexcusable actions in the interview and said Republicans’ attempt to bring of the issues was just a “dishonest and a distraction.”

“I don’t doubt that Republicans will use this and they’ll attack whoever is Joe Biden’s choice to be his vice president,” she said.

Rice’s conspiracy theory against Trump has absolutely no bases and appears to be rooting in nothing more than her hatred towards him.

  1. I remember the democrats all chiming out at the beginning that our President Trump was a xenophobe and that there were no worries about the COVID-19 virus. I even remember when pelosi went to Chinatown in San Fransisco and mingled in the crowd without a face mask. Don’t you just love the selective memories and separate laws for democrats and the rest of the population?

  2. What gets me is these people meet with the Russians and it is Fine, but if Trump makes one Phone call with a lot of People in the Room and nothing bad happens then the want to impeach Him without Treason and High Crimes that the Constitution Says has to be first and the Supreme Court Justice sits there and says nothing and then Joe admits and brags that he Did the Quid Quo Pro and nothing is done or Said by the Same Dummies in the Democrats Congress who voted 293 to Impeach Him What!!!!!!

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