Tank ROASTS Carload of Hamas [Watch]


Israel is serious about eliminating Hamas from Gaza. Reporters spotted a tank on a major transportation route just in time to watch it blast a car to oblivion. It didn’t matter to the IDF who was in it, it was someplace it shouldn’t be.

Advance through Gaza

One tank spotted on Salah al-Din Road triggeredspeculation that it could be part of an advance on Gaza City.” The latest reports from the Middle-East indicate that “Israeli forces have pushed deeper” into Hamas territory, “with tanks briefly cutting an evacuation route to the south.

There’s video circulating which “shows a car turning around after approaching the tank, which seems to open fire and destroy it.

The IDF is playing it cagey on exactly where their ground forces are but you can be sure they’re ruining the day of Hamas. What officials are saying is that “tanks and troops were expanding their ground operations inside Gaza, killing dozens of Hamas fighters.

Not only that, they hit another 600 “terror targets” with air and artillery strikes since yesterday. They managed to score on “weapons depots, anti-tank missile launching positions and hideouts.

This, the IDF notes, is the “second phase” of their war against the goat humping terrorists. The renegade Palestinians started it, with an “unprecedented cross-border attack by gunmen from Gaza on 7 October in which 1,400 people were killed and 239 taken hostage.

UN busybodys are snarling that the Jewish retaliation ended up producing “more than 8,000” Palestinian deaths, and counting. Supplies of “food, water, fuel and medicines” have been exhausted since IDF began their siege.

Netzarim Junction

Following the scent of trouble, newshound photojournalist Yousef Basam “drove northwards in a car on Monday morning.” He was lucky that day. Not only did he get some great video, his car wasn’t the one which got blown away.

His footage shows the moment his car comes to a stop “after an intersection known as Netzarim Junction, which is 2.8km (1.75 miles) from the perimeter fence with Israel and about 3km south of Gaza City.

From that vantage point, he “then zooms in on a second vehicle that is slowing down in front of what looks like piles of earth in the middle of the road and a stationary tank.” It didn’t stay stationary for long. “The tank starts to move while the second vehicle carries out a three-point turn. A flash is then seen coming from the direction of the tank just before the car is hit by an explosion.

Whoever was inside was blown all the way back to Gaza City. The outraged reporter immediately assumes the worst. There’s no way that could have been Hamas soldiers with anti-tank rocket launchers on the road, “he’s gone, the whole family is gone,” the audio track captures. There’s no evidence of any “family.

That little incident seriously caught another journalist’s attention. “Suddenly I looked back and I saw Israeli tanks.” He snapped a few quick photos and bugged out.

According to a spokesperson for the Israeli military’s chief, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, “we have expanded our operations, involving armor, infantry, and offensive actions within the Gaza Strip. This is done to achieve the two primary objectives of the war, which are countering Hamas and securing the return of the kidnapped individuals.

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