THIS is What Weak Leadership Brings, LOOK at What is Happening


The groundswell of support for the Palestinian terrorists in the United States has Americans on edge for jihad this Friday, the 13th of October. After Arab paratroopers dropped in to the West Bank and started shooting every Jew they could get in their sights across the Gaza strip, rumors say the terror could spread.

Global day of jihad

New York city already has their hands full coping with the migrant invasion and now they have to worry about jihad breaking out on the subway. Massive demonstrations are expected in “Times Square and elsewhere.

Burning and beheading babies isn’t brutal enough for the fans of Hamas. Just because the gang is based in the Mid-East doesn’t mean they don’t control a patch of turf or two here.

Don’t dismiss the barbarity of Hamas because the terror group is based halfway around the world,” Americans are warned. “Its members and allies can and will try to do harm on U.S. soil, too.

Former Palestinian “chieftain” Khaled Meshaal spelled it out clearly with his call for “a global day of jihad Friday.” It’s a “blatant attempt to incite violence.

He didn’t come right out and say grab the rocket launcher from under the bed and go blast a synagogue or anything. He kept his message generic. The martyrs can read between the lines and start claiming their 72 virgins independently.

To all scholars who teach jihad, this is a moment for the application.” Theory only goes so far, now it’s time for practice.

The timing even worse

Hamas is saying the same thing, officially. “Not,” New York Post points out, “that the terror group’s fans need much encouragement to become violent.

Having the call for a world-wide jihad come out on Friday the 13th, with all the associated Masonic and Knights Templar overtones, has half of America upping their antidepressant dosage.

According to the History Channel, “by the turn of the 14th century, the Templars had established a system of castles, churches and banks throughout Western Europe. And it was this astonishing wealth that would lead to their downfall. For the Templars, that end began in the early morning hours of Friday, October 13, 1307.


What makes it especially good timing for jihad is “a month earlier, secret documents had been sent by couriers throughout France. The papers included lurid details and whispers of black magic and scandalous sexual rituals. They were sent by King Philip IV of France, an avaricious monarch who in the preceding years had launched attacks on the Lombards (a powerful banking group) and France’s Jews (who he had expelled so he could confiscate their property for his depleted coffers).

Modern Palestinians would love to share as much of the Jewish wealth as they can get their hands on. Besides that, they’ve never been comfortable having Israelis squatting on land they consider grazing ground for their own goats and camels.

With the Biden regime in total chaos and under criminal investigation, Congress in turmoil and impotent from lack of leadership, stirring up a little jihad should be easy. All it will take is for someone at the Times Square rally to announce an X-box for the first head of an infidel.

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