Ted Cruz is Fed Up, This Incredible Speech is a Must Listen

Ted Cruz is Fed Up, This Incredible Speech is a Must Listen

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is fed up with the lies from the Democrats, and his fiery speech on the Senate floor is a must listen.


After the GOP was successful in blocking the Democrats’ For the People Act — colloquially referred to by conservatives as the Corrupt Politicians Act — Senator Ted Cruz stood up to speak about the victory.

Republicans not only blocked the bill from being passed, they used the often-attacked filibuster to prevent it from even being debated. Of course, the left is extremely angry about this, using it as fuel for their new campaign to end the filibuster — a process they have loved and used in the past, such as Chuck Schumer’s use of the filibuster against Republican Senator Tim Scott’s police reform bill in 2020.

A Win for Election Integrity

“I rise today to celebrate a win for the country. Today, the United States rightly failed to advance the Corrupt Politicians Act, meaning that this bill will not come to the Senate floor for a final vote. This is a huge win for the citizens of the United States. This is a huge win for democracy. And it’s a huge win for the integrity of our elections,” Ted Cruz began.

“The Corrupt Politicians Act is the most dangerous legislation we’ve considered in the Senate in the nine years I’ve served in this body,” the senator continued. “It’s an attempt by Senate Democrats at a brazen power grab. It’s an attempt by Democrats to federalize elections, and to ensure that Democrats won’t lose control for the next one hundred years. This bill isn’t about protecting the right to vote, it’s precisely the opposite. It’s about taking away the right to vote from the citizens, and giving it instead to the corrupt politicians in Washington who want to stay in power.”

“The Corrupt Politicians Act would strike down virtually every common sense voter integrity law adopted by states across the country,” Cruz added. “Thirty-six states have adopted voter-ID laws: a reasonable, and common sense step to protect the integrity of elections that over 70 percent of Americans support, and over 60 percent of African-Americans support. In fact, recent polling now shows support for voter ID at over 80 percent, thanks, no doubt, to the relentless assault on voter ID mounted by Senate Democrats. The Corrupt Politicians Act would repeal the vast majority of these voter-ID laws.”

The senator goes on to reveal that the bill would allow a significant number of illegal aliens to be registered to vote.

“The Corrupt Politicians Act would also automatically register to vote ANYONE who comes in contact with the government,” Cruz said. “So if you get a welfare check, you get an unemployment check, you have a driver’s license, you go to a state college or state university, you’re automatically registered to vote. Well, what’s the problem with that? The problem with that is, the authors of the bill know, is that would register millions of illegal aliens to vote… Automatic voter registration is designed to register millions of illegal aliens. How do we know this? We know this, among other things, because the bill explicitly immunizes the state officials who would be registering illegal aliens to vote. It grants a safe harbor and says when you illegally register illegal aliens, you’ll have no liability. If you care about the integrity of elections, registering millions of illegal aliens to dilute and steal the votes of legal American citizens is exactly the opposite way to go.”

Jim Crow 2.0

Ted Cruz also called out the Democrats for their lies about various GOP election laws around the country being akin to “Jim Crow 2.0,” arguing that the Corrupt Politicians Act is the real “Jim Crow 2.0.”

“Jim Crow legislation was grotesque and ugly. It was legislation that was drafted without exception by Democratic politicians. Jim Crow was written by Democratic politicians, and its purpose, when the Jim Crow laws were written, were to prevent the voters from ever voting out of office Democratic politicians. One of the ugliest chapters of our nation’s history… Well, the majority leader used the phrase Jim Crow 2.0, and inadvertently he’s right… He’s right about the Corrupt Politicians Act. The Corrupt Politicians Act follows the exact same pattern that Jim Crow did. It is partisan legislation written by elected Democrats designed to keep elected Democrats in office, and to steal the right to vote from the citizenry to decide on somebody else. Democracy is too important for that,” the senator concluded.

Listen to the full speech here:

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