Video: Palestine Mob BRUTALLY Beats Down Jewish Person


Here we have yet another example of a pro-Palestine gathering gone wrong, as protesters were caught on video getting violent. The incident occurred on Sunday, October 22, in Skokie, Illinois where a pro-Palestinian mob was seen attacking a staff member of the conservative organization Turning Point USA (TPUSA).

Peter Christos, and an unidentified colleague were helping an elderly Jewish couple find their way through the crowded event. When they encountered pro-Hamas supporters, they were assaulted and beaten.

This is the latest incident in what has become a series of violent protests against Israel since Hamas launched its terror attacks on October 7th that have killed hundreds of Israelis and taken several hostages.

Video footage captured by Peter Christos on his phone camera shows demonstrators dressed in black becoming physically aggressive with police present at the scene. Many wore hoods or masks and held Palestinian flags during the attack which included Christos being punched repeatedly, kicked in the head and hit with a flagpole.

Conservative commentator Charlie Kirk posted this video to X along with noting that Christos is Christian, not Jewish. The other TPUSA staffer victim to this mob remains unknown.

Kirk detailed what happened on X: “This is our TPUSA staffer, Peter Christos who is Christian, not Jewish. Yesterday, he was violently attacked while he and another TPUSA staffer were trying to escort an elderly Jewish couple away from a pro-Israel rally. On the way to their cars, they encountered pro-Hamas supporters who assaulted them, punched them repeatedly, and hit them with a flag pole before cops could pull them away to safety.”

In response to these demonstrations across America calling for an end to violence in the Gaza Strip as well as other areas affected by Hamas’ attacks, U.S Capitol Police arrested protesters at the House of Representatives Cannon Building on Wednesday, October 18, for their partaking in such demonstrations while anti-Israel protestors clashed with cops Saturday night causing chaos and disarray when one demonstration got out of hand.

These events demonstrate just how serious this situation is becoming both abroad and here at home within our own nation’s borders as tempers flare between those for/against Palestine and Israel’s actions.

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