Ted Cruz Makes Shocking Announcement


Thanks but no thanks, Texas Senator Ted Cruz said on Sunday, disappointing millions of conservatives when he shockingly announced that he wouldn’t accept a Supreme Court nomination after his name showed up on the short list of potential nominees.


Senator Cruz deeply honored

Senator Ted Cruz, a former presidential contender in 2016, appeared on Fox News over the weekend to break the news to his millions of disappointed fans that he won’t be sitting on the Supreme Court in the near future. “It is deeply honoring,” the Texas Republican declares. “It’s humbling to be included in the list. I’m grateful that the president has that confidence in me.”

While Senator Cruz is extremely popular, and many Americans would love to see him replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, he feels a calling. “It’s not the desire of my heart. “I want to be in the political fight. I want to be fighting to nominate and confirm three, four, five principled constitutionalist justices.”

The best way he can do that, Senator Cruz believes, is to stay right where he’s at for now. “I want to stay fighting right where I am in the U.S. Senate,” he firmly insists. Each and every one of his supporters would quickly acknowledge that he has a point on that one. He’s been a fierce bulldog standing up for conservative values without being excessively grandstanding about doing it.

A list of 20 names

Even though he isn’t ready to take President Trump up on the offer, Senator Cruz was deeply moved to be included on the list of the top 20 candidates for a Justice seat on the Supreme Court of the United States. Republican Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Josh Hawley of Missouri also made the list. Cotton is raring to tackle abortion, tweeting it is “time for Roe v. Wade to go.” Hawley agrees with his friend Ted that he likes it in the Senate and has “no interest” in serving on the highest court.

Along with Cruz, Cotton, and Hawley, names like Noel Francisco were included. As of now, it looks like the pick will go to a woman and there are two front running contenders. Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa are seen as the top two for now, and a decision on a pick is expected by Saturday.

Democrats are going absolutely spastic about the way the administration is fast-tracking Ginsburg’s replacement. A colleague of Senator Cruz, RINO Mitt Romney from Utah, double crossed his progressive puppet-masters and declared his full support for a vote on the Senate floor for whoever gets the nod. Democrats needed four Republican traitors and counted on three including Romney. While they had a slight chance at being able to subvert one more, with Romney selling them out, the cause is hopeless. Despite the death bed wishes of Notorious RBG, she will spend the rest of eternity tortured by the knowledge that President Donald Trump named her replacement.

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