Teen Punk Punches Grandmom in Face… Police Furious When They Find Out THIS is Why He Did It

Scary that this is the next generation…
Teen Kills Grandmom
Photo via News 4 Jax Video Screenshot

A rather disturbing story out of Jacksonville, FL in 2018 pretty much surmises a major issue we have in this country today… out of control teenagers.

When Dylan Broughman’s grandmom decided to hide his beer from him while he was showering, he decided to beat her into oblivion.

About a week later, she died from the injuries from this punk simply because he was not getting his way.

He was initially charged with aggravated assault, but it was upgraded to a murder charge after his grandmother passed away. 

It is important to note here that his grandmother had done the right thing.

The drinking age in Florida is 21 years old, so he should not have even had the beer in the first place.

According to reports, when his grandmom would not let him have the beer, he began beating her profusely.

The police were called to the residence just after 8 a.m.

When they arrived on the scene, they immediately noticed that Broughman’s grandmother, Joyce Courson, was bleeding horribly on the floor. 

Broughman’s roommate was Dillon Ross, and he was a witness to the crime.

He said he heard Dylan and his grandmother arguing, and then there were several loud bangs on the floor, followed by Courson’s screams for help. 

“My friend’s grandmother just had blood everywhere,” Ross said. “She had bled out all over the floor, and she had a nasty head wound. The house was completely trashed, with a bunch of holes in the wall.” 

They took Mrs. Courson to Memorial Hospital, and before she lapsed into a coma, she was able to tell authorities that her grandson was the perpetrator. 

Like the drunken coward he was, Dylan Broughman fled the house right after this terrible beating.

He was soon found by police walking along Kernan Boulevard and he was promptly arrested. 

Dylan has found an unlikely ally in his mother, Tracey. “He isn’t responsible for killing grandma,” she said. “She already had a heart condition, anyway.” 

Ironically, Tracey herself had been arrested for violence against Courson herself. 

His mother’s reasoning is very much the problem with some kids today and is no doubt the same attitude the parents many of these ANTIFA thugs have.

When you don’t make children play by the rules and hold them accountable when they are growing up, you get angry adults incapable of dealing with failure, and, well, reality.

It is truly a scary thought that we seem to have more Dylan’s these days and parents willing to accept that than responsible young adults.

  1. This very evil young man deserves the death sentence but hopefully at least life with no chance of
    early release. His mother deserves a long sentence as well for creating this monster.

  2. They should lock the kid up and throw away the key! The stupid mother needs to be locked up too if nothing else than being a total bitch!

  3. What a stupid f**king moron. When he gets to prison someone should make it known to the other prisoners what he did. Jailhouse justice is a b*tch.

  4. Fire-up ‘ole-sparky’. He deserves either the electric chair, or let the prisoners play punching-bag with him until he’s OUT STONE COLD!

  5. I really don’t care what the inmates do to him. It couldn’t be any worse than what he deserves. As for the mother…. the Red Qween says,”Off with her head!”

  6. Each night, he will be married the guy, who bids the most cigarettes. He will teach the inmates to share. They will teach him to control his temper.

  7. When so called humans do the unspeakable they become sub-human and should be treated as such. I would have to do my Christian duty and say I forgive you then promptly park a .40 in his head, save the tax payers money. Oh to be a dictator for just one day!

  8. As a former “School Employee,” this kind of behavior starts in PK-3 and Principals refuse to address it or discuss it with Parents, because, they might become offended. This behavior grows and culminates in tragedies like these. Snowflakes feel they are owed all things and people are just supposed to provide and that’s why Bernie Sanders is very popular.

  9. Put the punk in prison and every other night is boxing classes. Catch is, he fights all the tough guys. You know, like he portrays himself. His Grandma, I’m actually nauseated by this p…cigar.

  10. I feel a story needs to be spread to the prison system that he is a PEDOPHILE—Then less see how long he will last—LITTLE BASTARD!!

  11. I don’t know about the rest of you but stories like this tend to put the fear of family in me! You have it, they want it, you are old anyway so…….. What do you need it for anyway? You are too old to enjoy it properly like they can! Why shouldn’t they just take it while they are still young and can enjoy it? I still have a statement made by an in-law floating around in my head….. “Yeah, and my wife is the only child”…….. while discussing the home they were standing in, not knowing who was accidentally standing right there behind him.

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