The Facebook Search That Will Make You Want to Vomit


Facebook recently banned a search term after extensive backlash and reporting of the search results. But, it took them a lot longer than outraged Facebook users expected.


‘Bagets’, a Filipino word meaning teenager or tween, has become the newest code word for child pornography. Searching the word on Facebook brought up vile images of child sexual abuse, until recently.

Facebook has now put up a warning that displays any time someone searches the term:

We think your search might be associated with child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse, or viewing sexual images or videos of children, can lead to imprisonment and other severe personal consequences. Child sexual exploitation causes extreme harm to children. Searching for and viewing abusive and exploitive material adds to that harm.

There are organizations that can provide help and support if you’re having sexual thoughts about children. If you see this kind of activity on Facebook, report it to us and law enforcement. If you’ve experienced child abuse, please consider reaching out to a helpline, friend or trusted adult for support.

Prior to Facebook’s warning message, thousands of users complained that searching for the term would return images and videos of child porn. Many people were sharing a post about it with the hashtag #SaveOurChildren.

On Twitter, the term is still searchable, and it does return disgusting images. Twitter has not made any effort to shut down the accounts associated with the term, or users’ ability to search the term as of yet.

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