The Next Step in Securing ‘The Steal’ Revealed


Democrats figured out a way to steal the election permanently. This week congress will be kicking around a huge and really important bill. Globalist open borders progressives are about to totally re-write the election laws to tilt everything to their side. If this measure passes you can kiss free and fair elections goodbye once and for all. Inside the beltway they call it the “biggest overhaul of U.S. elections law in at least a generation.”

Steal the election ahead of time

The 791-page bill is starting out in the House. Touted as affecting “every aspect of the electoral process” the imperialists want you to think that its a good thing.

They’re about to rip every shred of election security away. Along with will go all the rights states have had until now. The election will be in the bag from here on in if they manage to steal the whole ball of wax now.

Liberals try to sugar coat the plan and disguise their plot to steal the entire government by claiming it strikes down “partisan gerrymandering” and “curtailing the influence of big money in politics.”

All of it is nothing but smoke and mirrors meant to leave conservatives with the dirty end of the stick. Non-RINO conservatives “see these measures as threats.”

The first of those threats is the imperialists want to steal the power from the states and give it to the feds. The one sided recommendations only benefit the Blue team.

Voting is the heart of the American system of government. “That’s the battleground. And everyone knows it,” asserts Fred Wertheimer who works for a “nonpartisan” think tank.

Voter ID laws out the door

Along with throwing our borders wide open as just another part of one big global government, barriers to voting are being ripped down. Nobody should be denied to vote in the U.S. election simply because they’re citizens of other countries.

Since they vote Democrat, they should be allowed to cast as many ballots as they like. Democrats won’t have to steal the next election because it will be rigged in their favor ahead of time.

Conservatives are furious about the way the liberals want to steal power from the states. They argue it “amounts to an unwarranted federal intrusion into a process that states should control.”

As Representative Rodney Davis, it amounts to “800 pages of election mandates and free speech regulations” that poses a “threat to democracy” and would “weaken voter confidence” in elections.

New World Order Imperialists are convinced they can steal the whole process right under everyone’s noses and get away with it. They’re probably right too. They claim Congress should have all the authority because “national rules are needed to make voting more uniform, accessible and fair.”

The good news is that it doesn’t look like they have the votes for it in the Senate. The House will probably pass it with flying colors on Wednesday but it’s allegedly dead on arrival in the Senate.

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