Three ‘Heavily Dismembered’ Bodies Found in Burning Dumpster


A gruesome triple murder in Texas might bring to mind cartel activity or border troubles, but the three dismembered bodies discovered in a burning dumpster in Fort Worth last week appear to have been placed there by a lone madman. 41-year-old Jason Thornburg has admitted to carrying out five murders as human sacrifices. The serial killer is now in police custody and making no attempt to deny his crimes.


Dismembered corpses found in Fort Worth

Police discovered what they described as three “heavily dismembered” bodies after investigating a dumpster fire on September 22.

Only one of the victims has been publicly identified. David Luceras, 42, had been sharing a hotel room in Fort Worth with Jason Thornburg before the murder.

The other victims found in the dumpster were described as adult women, correcting earlier speculation that one may have been a child. Their identities have not yet been released.

Detectives were quickly able to identify Thornburg as the primary suspect but there was confusion about his motives; the electrician’s apprentice had no record of violent crime in the past.

After he was caught and interrogated, Thornburg confessed to the killings and said that he had been “called” to carry out human sacrifices.

He described slitting the throats of his victims and then dismembering them for transport to the dumpster where he attempted to burn their remains.

Jason Thornburg

Human sacrifice in Texas

Thornburg has also confessed to two other murders which he described as sacrifices, including his girlfriend and a 61-year-old man whose house he then burned.

Isolated incidents of human sacrifice still occur in the modern world. These killings are distinguished from normal murders by their ritualism.

Most of these sacrifices take place in Africa, where children especially are still sometimes abducted for ritual killings.

Human sacrifice was widespread in the pre-Columbian Americas, particularly in Mexico under the brutal Aztec Empire, toppled 500 years ago by Hernán Cortés and the Spanish conquistadors.

Liberals who take a cultural relativist stance on human sacrifice in these cultures might like to see the dismembered remains of Thornburg’s victims.

What specific belief system, if any, motivated these particular human sacrifices is unknown. Thankfully the deranged killer is no longer free to find more victims in Fort Worth.

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