Top Trump Aide Gets IMMUNITY, Testifies in Mar-a-Lago Case

Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of U.S. Dept of Agriculture via Creative Commons License

There was a headline this week that we know caught the eyes of Donald Trump.  

Kash Patel, someone that has been on the inside of everything, was called to testify in the Mar-a-Lago document seizure case. 

To get him to testify, the judge in the case granted Patel immunity for his testimony. 

No Deal 

When reports first surfaced on this, it was presented that Patel had negotiated immunity, but his office said differently.  

“Mr. Patel categorically denies reaching any immunity ‘deal’ with the government.  

“Rather, his testimony was compelled over his objection through the only legal means available to the government – a grant of limited immunity.” 

What exactly Patel stated during his testimony is unknown.  

Patel was a very trusted advisor for Donald Trump as well as other officials in the administration.  

He had also been appointed by Trump to work with archives and the DOJ regarding the documents that had been taken by Trump that were to be returned. 

This entire investigation is locked down and for once in DC, no leaks are taking place. 

Source: CNN

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