Trey Gowdy Finally Breaks Silence

Trey Gowdy Finally Breaks Silence

Former South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy is giving Joe Biden some tips on how to promote “unity” in the United States, as Biden has claimed that is his goal.


Gowdy’s suggestion for “unity” is to start with New York.

“Biden says he wants to unify the country and be the president for everyone. How about just start with people who died in nursing homes and their families in New York?” Gowdy told Fox News’ Special Report in a February 12 interview.

Cuomo Killed People

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a directive ordering the transfer of COVID-infected patients into nursing homes. He knowingly sent sick people into areas where the most vulnerable population lives.

According to a senior aide, Cuomo and his team hid the actual COVID death data from the public, fearing that it would be used against them by the Justice Department. Newly released information shows that Cuomo’s policy killed significantly more elderly residents than was previously reported.

USA Today reported that the “true death toll of New York nursing home residents is around 13,000 people, as opposed to the state’s 8,677 figure.”

Gowdy’s Advice

If Joe Biden wants to take on the “big task” of unifying the country, Trey Gowdy says he should begin working on that goal by reaching out to the most vulnerable people. Biden should focus on getting justice for Cuomo’s elderly victims.

“Just start with the people who died in nursing homes in New York, Mr. President,” Gowdy said.

Mollie Hemingway, a Fox News contributor, added to Gowdy’s point, stating that Cuomo’s “very bad policy decisions” were celebrated by the mainstream media.

“This is really scandalous behavior, and it’s worth remembering that the media did praise him, giving him awards and putting him out there as one of the best governors for handling this. They should’ve been more critical as were many people in conservative media,” Hemingway said.

Even when it was obvious that something was very wrong with Cuomo’s COVID policies, the mainstream media, celebrities, and other Democrats celebrated him. From this, we can gather that it is unlikely that Cuomo will face any real consequences for his actions. Democrats never have to take responsibility for their failures. Unlike Republicans, who take action when a member of their party does something immoral or illegal, Democrats just sweep these issues under the rug, and the media helps them get away with it.

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