Trump Announces Massive Coronavirus Milestone

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Donald Trump
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Monday was a very good day for Americans and President Trump.

At his daily press conference, a new 5-minute COVID-19 test kit was revealed as well as the fact that more than one million people have now been tested for the virus in our country.

The New Test Kit

Abbot Laboratories is the company that created the new kit and it is going to significantly increase the speed at which results can be given to those tested.

Rather than waiting days for results, the new test can produce a negative result in 13 minutes.

The test was given emergency clearance by the FDA due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, according to President Trump, the United States has now conducted more tests than any other country in the world.

Of course, a reporter immediately went after Trump for being behind South Korea for “per capita” tests, but we may soon even pass that milestone with the rate of tests now being done.

There is also the fact we have significant portions of this country where the virus has barely hit, so many of the states in the Midwest have not needed the massive testing that states such as New Jersey and New York have needed.

More Good News

As if that were not enough, Ford also had a huge announcement to make.

Beginning April 20, the company will begin making 50,000 ventilators over 100 days at its Ypsilanti Township, Michigan factory.

Once it hits that milestone, Ford stated it will be able to make 30,000 ventilators per month from that point forward until this crisis is over.

Ford also stated that it will be working with GE at a Madison, Wisconsin factory to produce a more sophisticated ventilator.

Even though the numbers are already high, experts expect the virus to be at its height within the next two weeks, which is why the social distancing guidelines have been extended until at least April 30.

As that date approaches, the President and his team will reassess the situation to see if those guidelines need to be extended even further.

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