Trump Trolls Dems with Roger Stone Pardon

It’s gonna happen…
Roger Stone
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Democrats are not only dealing with an election disaster, as Joe Biden is having a complete meltdown, but now they have to deal with this.


On Monday, Trump sent them all into a tizzy by hinting he may pardon Roger Stone…

Targeting Trump Supporters

The investigation by Robert Mueller that was supposed to bring down Trump ended up having nothing but collateral damage.

Among those caught in Mueller’s web was Roger Stone, a former Trump campaign adviser and some would say noted conspiracy theorist.

There are more than a few that believe Stone’s right-wing antics are what really put him under Mueller’s boot.

Stone is facing a lengthy prison sentence for lying to Congress, tampering with a witness, and obstructing an official proceeding last November.

Unlike some of the other former Trump staffers that were taken out by Mueller, like Michael Cohen, Stone never offered to turn on Trump.

Trump paid Stone back with flattering comments throughout the process and a pardon has always seemingly been on the table for him.

Back in December, Trump referred to Stone as a “nice guy” and further stated that both he and General Flynn where “hit hard” by Mueller in this witch hunt.

As you may recall, the arrest of Stone was a major political stunt, with the media having been tipped off to the early-morning raid of Stone’s house.

When and how both Stone and Flynn get some relief from Trump probably depends on whether or not Trump wins re-election.

Because of the direct relation to the president, it would be shocking to see Trump pardon them right out of the gate.

While many believe there are probably already drafts in place for both of these men, commuting their sentence is probably more likely after a short period passes, with possible outright pardons happening when Trump finally leaves office.

Regardless, it is highly unlikely either of these men serves whatever sentence is eventually handed down.

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