Bill Barr Makes Resignation Announcement

Oh my…
William Barr
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Over the last several months, liberals have been calling for Attorney General Barr to resign.

Now, after a failed McCabe indictment, the right is calling for Barr’s head, a situation the Attorney General has finally addressed by saying he has no intention of stepping down at this time.

Frustrations Mounting

Barr has some serious problems going on right now in terms of public perception.

By sticking up for Trump during the impeachment and vocalizing his opinion that the Inspector General report did not go far enough, Barr drew the ire of liberals.

That was only made worse when he pulled back a sentencing recommendation by his underlings for Roger Stone and recommended a much lighter sentence.

Which, by the way, based on how the Judge in the case has reacted so far, will have been for naught, because she sounds like she is ready to throw the book at Stone.

Over 1,000 past and present officials have demanded Barr resign, but he keeps ticking along.

Then came the lack of indictment for Andrew McCabe.

Trump was upset about it, the bulk of the right was upset about it, and now Barr is taking heat from both sides of the aisle.

He even came forward to say the President’s constant comments regarding the DOJ and its cases are making his job very hard to do.

Several outlets reported that Barr was seriously considering stepping down, but the Attorney General, through his spokesperson, finally addressed the rumors…

Should Barr Step Down

Listen, I have not hidden my disdain for the fact the only big names this DOJ has actually put behind bars so far are former Trump associates with no long-term ties to the government.

Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, General Flynn, and Paul Manafort. Of those, the only one I truly think was wronged was General Flynn, but it is important to note none of these men were convicted of anything regarding the original Russian collusion case.

Barr has had the opportunity to go after the Clinton Foundation, and he failed.

Barr has had the opportunity to go after James Comey, but he has thus far declined to do so.

Barr had McCabe dead to rights on lying and leaking classified information, but he let him go as well.

So, now we are left with the Durham investigation.

My take is that if Durham only indicts underlings, Barr has to go. If, however, the DOJ finally steps up and holds some of these corrupt officials accountable, he is back in our good graces.

The real test, however, is going to be if Barr decides to go after Joe Biden or not. That could be what makes or breaks his future as our Attorney General.

For me, personally, going after Biden has nothing to do with the election and once Biden is out, this should not be stopped. Biden was corrupt and he made every member of his family rich while he was in office, as have dozens of other politicians.

This is the corruptness we need to expose, just as badly as we need to flush the DOJ of this “I got your back” mentality.

We are watching, Mr. Barr, so do your job!

  1. Share you analysis Chris. The AG needs to produce the goods with the Durham investigation. If this ball game goes into overtime and drags on with all the evidence pointing to crimes being committed, it’s a joke. The swamp continues flood out across the land.

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