Tucker Carlson: They Did this on Purpose


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is known for the ability to tie together seemingly disparate pieces of information into a more complete picture enabling him to cut through the disinformation that permeates his industry. Analysts like him, Glenn Beck, the late Great Rush Limbaugh and even Mark Levin have demonstrated a talent for reading the political world for what it truly is and articulating it in more digestible form for everyday Americans. This week though, Carlson sent shockwaves from his Fox News desk when he told the world “They Did This On Purpose.”


Carlson laid out an Impressive Case

Tucker cited the Biden-Harris regime’s baffling handling of COVID lockdown related unemployment, where rather than push to re-open American as soon as possible they opted to make unemployment benefits surpass salaries.

He explained,

“It took them less than six months to do it. First, they acted like the U.S. dollar had no value. They spent money like they’d just printed it for the occasion, which, needless to say, they had. Predictably, we wound up with frightening levels of inflation, which for the record they still deny exists. But inflation does exist, as you well know if you live here. Corn prices, to name just one example of a staple commodity that’s now out of control, have risen by 50 percent just since January. But that wasn’t bad enough. The lunatics decided to make it worse. They paid millions of Americans more than they make at work, to stay home and do nothing. To justify doing this, they used the word “COVID” quite a bit, but it had nothing to do with the pandemic. They just wanted to break the system. And so they did. And the rest of us immediately wound up with a bewildering combination of rising unemployment in the middle of a severe labor shortage.”

Next Carlson took aim at the recent Colonial Pipeline cyberattack and the associated fuel shortage, an emergency the Biden-Harris regime were desperate to avoid admitting. “An emergency? No. If they ran out of weed that would be an emergency. Don’t worry, says the New York Times. None of this is real, it’s a conspiracy theory. Your eyes are lying to you. You’re hysterical.”

But We All Know Better, We Knew It The Same Day

As Tucker would soon point out, as of 3:00 PM in Georgia, almost six percent of all gas stations had no gas. in Virginia, that number was almost eight percent of all gas stations. North Carolina had almost nine percent on empty and in Atlanta, Georgia 1 in 5 service stations were bone dry. THAT’S A SHORTAGE.

“It’s not that we have a gasoline shortage. It’s that we have this supply crunch.” said Secretary of Energy Jennifer  Granholm with a straight (-ish) face. Sooooo… what did the White House do about the crisis? Not much of anything actually, except to say that it was up to Colonial Pipeline to decide to pay the hackers’ ransom or not (consequently they did, to the tune of millions in bitcoin)

Tucker summed it up very nicely, when “private companies” are involved managing our infrastructure “the White House strongly prefer a hands-off approach. They’re situationally libertarian that way.”

Anne Neuberger, Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technologies told the press,  “Typically, that is a private sector decision and the administration has not offered further advice at this time. Given the rise in ransomware, that is one area we’re definitely looking at now to say what should be the government’s approach to ransomware actors and to ransoms overall.”

“What is this about? Well, you know. On some level — let’s be honest about it — the White House approves of this disaster.”

Unquestionably so. This was an engineered catastrophe that would do Rahm Emmanuel proud, they haven’t let a crisis go to waste.

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