Ukraine’s President Says THIS about Trump, Sends Dems Over The Edge

The mainstream media is twisting Zelensky’s comments!
President Zelensky
Photo Courtesy of Saeima via Creative Commons License

Ukraine’s President Zelensky made a comment this week that will probably drive the impeachment-driven Democrats out of their mind.

During a recent interview discussing Trump and the Ukraine scandal, President Zelensky stated, “…I am ready for my next phone call with Mr. Trump.”

Dial Down the Corruption Talk

The liberal media is spinning a quote by Zelensky to try to drive a wedge between Trump and Zelensky, so it really needs to be discussed.

Zelensky was sitting down with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour when she quoted a Fox News interview regarding Trump commenting on the corruption in Ukraine.

She referred to a comment made by Trump about Ukraine being the third-most corrupt country in the world.

The problem, though, is that it was a cherry-picked quote being served up to create a reaction.

Everyone in the world knows the reputation that Ukraine has for being corrupt.

Trump’s point in that particular conversation was about his original doubts about Ukraine and defending his decision to hold back the aid.

Most also believe the new president is addressing this and the country, while it still has a long way to go, is headed in the right direction.

Taken out of context, the quote by Trump seems pretty damning, but Zelensky handled it like a champ.

In response, he stated, “That’s not true.

“When I had a meeting with President Trump and he said that in previous years (Ukraine) was such a corrupt country, I told him very honestly and I was very open with him. I told him that we fight with corruption.

“We fight each day.”

He further stated, “Please, please stop saying that Ukraine is a corrupt country, because from now, it’s not true.

“We want to change this image.”

What the Media Won’t Say

While every outlet is running on that pushback, which really wasn’t a pushback, they are all ignoring all the positive things Zelesnky had to say.

For instance, he stated, “I want to thank the President, and the USA, and ordinary American people for supporting Ukraine, especially now when we have war.

“Thank you for your help… We feel it, we feel it with our hearts, with our body.”

So, tell me, does that sound like a man that is upset with Trump?

  1. The question posed was, “Does this sound like a man who is upset with Trump?” The answer is unequivocally, NO. Ukraine was once corrupt-Zelensky was elected to eliminate that corruption. America is corrupt and Trump was elected to eliminate that corruption. A lot of America’s corruption was/is intimately tied to Ukraine’s corruption. This is, I believe, the reason for the visceral reaction of the Democrats when Trump broached the subject of corruption with the Ukrainian president-the Democrats are responsible for all of the corruption in the US and most of the corruption in the Ukraine. The Democrats don’t want Zelensky, or anybody else, investigating anything to do with corruption in either place, because the answer will always implicate lots and lots of Democrats (up to and including the DNC).

    1. Right on! The only reason Trump is hated so much is that he said he was going to expose corruption in the government and he is doing just that. The worst part of this is that they got the news media behind them and stirred up this hatred for Trump. People are starting to open their eyes and realize the lies they’ve been told since 2016 before he was even “duly” elected by “We the People”…….

  2. When 8 of the major Democrats all have children working for the same corrupt company that Biden sent 1.5 BILLION dollars and then they declared bankruptcy and then his son disappeared with 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS that they could not find?? And you want to vote for him??

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