Video: Ghostbusters Star Violently Attacked in Broad Daylight

Rick Moranis violently attacked

Police are currently searching for a man who randomly and violently attacked Ghostbusters star, Rick Moranis, while the actor was walking down the street in New York City.

Video captured the attack, and shows the man sucker-punching the 67 year old actor in the head.

The seemingly random attack occurred in Manhattan borough’s Upper West Side, on West 70th Street near Central Park West on Thursday at 7:24 a.m.

The attacker is seen in the video calmly walking away after violently attacking Moranis.

ABC7 reported that Moranis was taken to the hospital for evaluation, as he had hurt his back, hip, and head in the attack.

Police have released a photo of the suspect in the violent attack:

The incident sparked a strong reaction from another actor on Twitter: Chris Evans, who famous for his role as the Avenger’s Captain America:

Moranis is well known for his roles in the films “Ghostbusters”, “Little Shop of Horrors”, and “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”.

A representative for Moranis has announced that the actor is doing fine, and is grateful for all of the support he has received:

Other celebrities are outraged about the attack on Moranis, such as comedian Michelle Collins:

Some Twitter users are speculating that the attack may have something to do with the uptick in violent acts being committed against white people in the name of Black Lives Matter:

A Twitter account belonging to a group called “The New York Law Enforcement Labor Coalition” has tweeted that the increased violence on the streets of New York City is the fault of politicians, not police:


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  1. It’s the black thugs, just punching a white person because they can!!!!!!!! This is what the evil Democrats have done to our world!!! I hope you are happy!!!!!!!! And I hope you get that black DEVIL who thinks he so smug!!!!!!!!!!

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