Video of Critical Race Theory Being Taught in 6th Grade Class Emerges

critical race theory

A 6th grade student in Ohio apparently recorded a case of critical race theory being taught in class in spite of specific promises from the district superintendent that CRT would not be taught in schools. Concerned parents had been assured by the district that their children would not be subjected to CRT propaganda in class. Public schools across the country are teaching critical race theory while simultaneously promising parents that they are not.

Critical race theory being taught in spite of denials

Fortunately, the malicious teachers and school board members who are pushing these radical anti-white and anti-Christian beliefs on public school students forgot to account for a crucial factor.

Students, it turns out, are human beings who have personal agency and the ability to recognize obvious propaganda when it is presented to them.

“Educators” evidently believe that they can get away with implanting Marxism in the minds of children without ever arousing any suspicion from parents.

The recorded teacher told students to read books by leftist authors who are known as leading proponents of CRT. It obviously is being taught in this district.

Supporters of CRT are increasingly adopting a strategy which they hope will trick parents into overlooking what their children are being told in school.

Like former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe , the superintendent in this case relies on semantics. He told parents that the district would not be teaching “critical race theory” specifically.

critical race theory

Changing the definition

The method here is to pretend that critical race theory is a very specifically defined doctrine and that the idea that it is being pushed in public schools is simply a conspiracy theory pushed by right wing media.

Everyone knows what parents mean when they say that they do not want their children to be taught critical race theory. Schools and politicians are changing that definition to fit their denials.

Popular opposition to CRT is opposition to a whole array of leftist teachings which are intended to make white children hate themselves and teach other children to blame their problems on white people.

Everyone knows this; McAuliffe and the Ohio superintendent know full well that parents are angry about the substance of what is being taught to their children, not the name attached to it.

They still believe that they can simply slap a new label on their racial teachings and wait for parents to forget about the entire issue.

Some students, like the one who recorded the teaching of CRT in this case, will not be fooled. The definitions leftists employ cannot hide the truth of the matter. Everyone with a brain knows critical race theory when they see it.

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