NYC Subway Beating
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

Eric Adams won the New York City mayoral election because he promised to get the city under control.

He was supposed to be the perfect mix for the city.

A moderate Democrat who is a former police officer.

Somehow, crime, especially violent crime, has gotten even worse.

Out of Control

The video below will make your stomach turn.

It is difficult to see a woman beat like this, but we have to get this information out so people know just how out-of-control this city is right now.

Waheed Foster, 41, a homeless and obviously deranged man, attacked this woman simply because she did not want to speak to him…

Police stated, “The victim got off the train at the next stop, the subject followed her off the train and proceeded to push, kick and punch her about the body in an unprovoked manner.

“A canvass of the area was conducted with positive results.

“EMS transported the victim to Jamaica Hospital in stable condition.”

She has since been to the hospital and reports broke that she could lose sight in her one eye.

This is a man that should not even be on the street, with a long history of violent crimes, including assaulting another woman with a screwdriver.

This is a product of liberal policies that are failing hard-working and honest Americans.

Source: Fox News

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