Warren Caught Blatantly Lying in Campaign Ad

We caught her red-handed.
Elizabeth Warren
Photo via Paul Steinhauser Twitter Video Screenshot

Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has once again been caught in a rather significant lie.

Warren is airing a TV commercial, touting the fact that she fought against all of Donald Trump’s ambassadors, but the fact is, she did not.

Caught Again

The lies from Warren are slowly but surely starting to catch up with her.

She has lied about her race, she has lied about how she was treated when she was a teacher and became pregnant, and now she is lying about her Senate votes.

Listen to what Warren has to say about passing through Trump’s ambassadors…

Now, before we get into her vote, it is important to note the ambassador at the center of this interview is Gordon Sondland.

While Warren makes it sound as though Sondland came to this post with no experience, he does have extensive political background dating as far back as 2002, while also serving as a liaison during the Bush administration.

Whether or not you agree that Sondland was the right choice is another matter completely, but he is not the babe in the woods Warren made him out to be.

Warren’s Record

In terms of what Warren said about objecting to Sondland’s appointment, a Fox News report has proven that claim to be completely false.

Sondland’s appointment reportedly was approved by a voice vote, which was taken on June 28, 2018.

This was taken when Senator Mitch McConnell was the only Senator in the chamber.

Any Democrat could have shown up to object to his appointment, but nobody did.

The Fox News report further stated that according to the record, Warren did not object to any of the 11 ambassadorships awarded by Trump.

Perhaps Warren was too busy on the campaign trail or perhaps her memory is going, but either way, the statements she made in that clip are bald-faced lies.

  1. Typical liberal democrat, trying to lie her way into the White House. God help us if we ever get another one of these ingrates for a president.

  2. Why is the article headline “Warren blatantly lies”? I have yet to see a democrat candidate not lie. I must admit, they usually profess if elected, everybody gets free everything. Warren just has diarrhea of the mouth saying anything that comes to her inane mind. Any prudent thinking individual with a modicum of common sense and intelligence wouldn’t let her near the Whitehouse.

  3. I swear, Democrats really think that the Voting Public are real idiots. Why else would they lie so much about absolutely everything! They must think we can’t look things up or maybe they just don’t know what You Tube is!!!!

  4. Wow ok proud deplorable here. Born in Rhode Island but moved to mass at age 12. So I grew up in a split political household. Sadly the right side has lost my beloved Father, while sisters and brothers have had children that lean left of a far left. I’ve seen fauxcahontis up close an personal at liberal party gatherings while my wife and I lived for 22 years year round on Martha’s Vineyard, before retiring to Sunny Florida a couple years ago. Honestly the last dem I voted for was the peanut farmer and it would take someone truly special to do so again! So fauxcahontis we all know will say and or do anything to get elected! I was amazed she beat Senator Brown the first time around.

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