Watch: Maxine Waters Completely Uncloaks, Showing Exactly Who Her Owners Are

Now we know…
Maxine Waters
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Maxine Waters just proved she has the intelligence factor of a box of rocks by making a major misstep in her explanation as to why California needs to have a bigger influence in the primary race.


Waters is clearly owned by the big-money donors in her state, as she cited the “fancy parties” and “rich” contributors from her state that need to have more say.

But Bernie Says…

According to Bernie Sanders, billionaires should not exist.

According to Bernie Sanders, big money has no place in modern politics.

Yet, every word out of Waters’ mouth went directly against what Bernie and his fellow Democrat candidates are spewing these days.

According to Waters, if you throw big, fancy parties and fly all over the country, you deserve to have a bigger say in how all this plays out.

She stated, “We have candidates who fly out to Los Angeles from everywhere to raise money.

“You would have two, three, four at a time in Beverly Hills having dinners and some of our contributors, who are very rich, were holding fancy parties, trying to accommodate the requests for donations and contributions.”

“The thinking is that if we are supplying tremendous dollars to candidates, we ought to have more say.”

Don’t believe it? Well, hear it right from the horse’s mouth…

NOT About the Rich and Famous

Waters made a big mistake here because she all but admitted to being bought.

I hate to break it to her, but a few rich and famous people do not get to decide who gets a four-year trip to the White House.

She is literally advocating for the elite, the top one percent, to buy an election.

Now, last time I checked, it is We the People that are supposed to be represented, not the top one percent in the county.

There is a reason Iowa and New Hampshire are first… so small states have more influence in our elections.

If these states are just thrown into the mix, how many politicians are going to visit those states and hear the voice of those citizens?

California has already moved up its primary and now Waters is trying to make a case it should be first because they have more money than anyone else.

Perhaps the rich and powerful should use some of that money to create jobs, get the homeless off the street, and clean up the state rather than flushing it down the drain on one political campaign after the next.

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