Watch: Tucker Carlson Exposes the Extent of Liberal Lunacy, Calls for Lawmakers to Protect Citizens


Tucker Carlson reports on the stepmother of the police officer who shot Rayshard Brooks was let go from her job for supposedly making other employees feel uncomfortable due to her familiar relationship with the officer.

Officer’s Mom Fired Over Being Related to Him?

27-year-old Atlanta officer Garrett Rolfe fatally shot Brooks on June 12 and his stepmother, Melissa Rolfe, was fired due to “lost the confidence of her peers, leadership, and many employees who no longer felt comfortable engaging with her,” a statement from her former company Equity Prime Mortgage said.

The mortgage company further stated that it respects “diversity of thought,” but “when those views create a hostile working environment, we must make difficult decisions and part ways.”

Carlson Investigates Liberals’ Agenda

Tucker Carlson, who hosts “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, had a source tell him that Rolfe did not receive a reason for her termination other than: “We have to terminate our relationship with you.”

Last week, officer Rolfe and another officer were attacked by an intoxicated Brooks in a Wendy’s parking lot. Police had been called to the restaurant due to a car not moving in the drive-thru lane. When an officer arrived on the scene, Brooks was found to be sleeping behind the wheel and a breath test revealed he was intoxicated.

Brooks Brutally Attacks Officer

As the officers were taken to the ground, Brooks stole one of their tasers, fired it at them and was pointing it at them while he fled. Brooks was fatally shot, and officer Rolfe was charged with felony murder and ten other crimes.

“Mr. Brooks turned and offered extreme violence toward a uniformed law enforcement officer. If he was able to deploy the Taser, it would incapacitate Officer Rolfe through his body armor, and at that point, if he decided to disarm another officer, he would be in possession of a firearm,” Rolfe’s attorney told Fox News.

Georgia congressional candidate Majorie Taylor Greene posted a message that appeared to show Melissa Rolfe saying her son’s case is “non-sense.” This is the speculated reason behind her potential firing.

The same post also shows Melissa Rolfe supposedly saying to Greene, “I have heard how you feel on many topics and agree with you 100%. I pray you are victorious.”

Rioters Continue to Set Society Ablaze

As rioters continue to destroy businesses and vandalize neighborhoods by protesting the death of George Floyd – a man who died while in police custody on May 25 – they are now desecrating things in Rayshard Brook’s name.

The Wendy’s was set on fire by Atlanta rioters as chaos continues to take hold of cities across the country.

Carlson has faced backlash over his recent Black Lives matter comments and police officers have come under scrutiny by top politicians and Black Lives Matter members calling for police departments to be defunded.

When officers can no longer defend their lives due to potentially being charged with murder, if they do so, it makes one wonder how much longer the current state of policing can continue. Or when people are fired, like Carlson points out, by just being related to an officer, there is definite lunacy. 

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